Whether or Not it's Worth ....

Anticipation. Every spring I look forward to the start of the baseball season—perhaps this year we'll have an exciting team, win it all.Here it is March and our weather is spectacular—high 70s and in some places 80 degrees. The heat just hastens the allure of baseball. Growing up I lived several subway stops away from Yankee Stadium and on the few occasions that I went with my father we sat in the bleachers, "Affordable seats," he'd say....more

Playing Dumb - Players Responsibility During NFL Contract Talks

I am grateful the NFL contract talks are over. Not because I'm a big football fan by any stretch of the imagination...but because I was damn tired of watching players who earn tens of millions of dollars shrug their shoulders and play dumb. Last week all parties agreed to a 10-year contract to end the months long lockout. The agreement benefits all involved and drives home just what an insanely big business professional football is in the United States: ...more
Amen to that. Same can be said for the NBA and WNBA.... maybe not parity due to length of ...more

She doesn't get paid?


NFL Player Salaries: What They Are, and Why

Signing bonuses, salary caps, betting on huge potential--they're all part of the game when it comes to determining the incomes of professional football players. Continue reading "NFL Player Salaries: What They Are, and Why" » ...more

Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?

As the U.S. unemployment rate increases--at 6.5 percent, it has reached a 14-year high--and President Bush's tenure winds down, all eyes are on President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress set to take the reins in Washington in January. Will the new leadership provide relief? Continue reading "Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?" » ...more

Average Salary Increases: What's On the Horizon for 2009?

Over the last several weeks, it seems the United States has come entirely unglued--at least financially. It's enough to make any worker uneasy about job security and compensation. With all the fiscal unrest, we wonder: what can we expect for an average salary increase in 2009, in light of the sorry state of the economy? Continue reading "Average Salary Increases: What's On the Horizon for 2009?" » ...more

Does Your Salary History Really Matter to a Future Employer?

Your salary history tells an important story of how far you've come along a career path, so it's fitting that a prospective employer might be interested in learning more about your past earnings. Yet it's unfair to take a salary history at face value, because there are so often back-stories that need explaining. ...more

How to Handle Salary Requirements When Applying for a Job

Job interviewing is like art: it requires skill, dexterity, and the right tools and environment. Make one wrong move and the result can be disastrous. This is especially true when it comes to discussing salary requirements. As a job-seeker, approaching a conversation with a prospective employer about salary requirements can be tricky. How soon can you expect an employer to ask you about your salary requirements? Should you ever include salary requirements in a cover letter? How can you pick a salary that doesn't aim too high or too low? ...more

Current Unemployment Rate Hits Four-Year High

The U.S. unemployment rate edged up to 5.7 percent in July, hitting a four-year high. But some say the number conceals the true toll of the fickle economy, which can be seen in people forced to work part time because their hours were cut, or they couldn't find full-time employment. ...more

Top Ten Companies to Work for During Tough Times

America may be mired in hard times, but there are still great companies to work for, and their success lies in getting the simple things right--such as valuing employees. ...more