Washington's Smoke-and-Mirrors No Good for Laid-Off Workers

Congress and the Bush administration have engaged in yet another vitriolic verbal war over policy, this time related to trade legislation supposed to help workers laid off due to offshoring. ...more

Getting Rich off the Working Poor

There's money to be made on America's working poor, and some U.S. companies are seizing the chance, according to a BusinessWeek article. The article offers an in-depth look at how businesses tap into the weaknesses of the working poor--they want goods and services, but aren't educated about the best way to get them. Several eye-opening vignettes demonstrate the truly dire straits of some working poor. ...more

This Labor Day, How Satisfied Are America's Workers?

As many Americans take a long-weekend reprieve from work, most seem quite content with their jobs. So says a new study by the University of Chicago, which shows 86 percent of people interviewed between 1972 and 2006 saying they were satisfied with their jobs. ...more

Uncle Sam wants you to drive to work. Then again, no he doesn't.

The U.S. government is sending contradictory messages to the American public about driving to work, according to a New York Times story. A federal tax break supports people driving, allowing up to $215 a month in pre-tax dollars to go toward parking at work. But recently the U.S. Department of Transportation announced $848 million in grants that seek to dissuade people from driving in five major cities. ...more

As Workers' Health Costs Balloon, So Do Obesity Rates

The Census Bureau Tuesday reported a record number of Americans without health insurance: 47 million, an increase of more than 2 million. One of the major reasons for the jump, according to analysts and news reports, is that employers are shucking health insurance coverage, leaving workers to fend for themselves. ...more

Job Stress Can Lead to Mental Illness

We live in an overworked society--and increasingly, it seems, in an overworked world. That's the gist of several recent news reports that explore the link between high-stress jobs and poor mental health. According to a BusinessWeek story: ...more

The Evolution of Higher Education

The New York Times recently examined several public universities charging higher tuition for certain majors, such as business, science/engineering, and journalism. ...more

Kicking Credit-Card Debt to the Curb

Posted by Kristina Cowan Why do so many Americans rack up so much credit-card debt? Myriad news articles, reports and financial-advice columns offer a variety of reasons, which fall into two camps: spendthrifty consumers are to blame and so are credit-card companies' deceptive practices. ...more


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