The Importance of Learning How To Negotiate Salary

Failure to negotiate my salary was costing me too much, so I changed my approach, and started earning what I was worth. ...more
I'm terrible at it and it keeps biting me in the butt. However, I'm good at asking for raises ...more

Can I Negotiate the Pay I’m Worth in a Down Economy?

Now that the Paycheck Fairness Act failed on Capitol Hill, what can women do to try to get the pay they deserve, the same pay as men? In this economy, women may fear that aggressive negotiating may cost them a job either before they even have it or while they have it.   ...more
From Denise Di Stephan via Facebook: Finally had time to read it this morning. so sorry for ...more

What Are You Worth?

Let’s start with the notion that you are priceless – an utterly unique mix of experience, judgment and talent. Do you feel resistance to that notion? Not true? Impractical? Culturally irrelevant? Play with me anyway. Let go of those negative ideas for just a minute. Just find that part of you that knows you’re priceless and let’s move on....more
As a female college student I see on a daily basis females not negotiating for pay like my male ...more

Don't Sell Yourself Short

A recent discussion among a group of professional and talented women I know reminded me once again about how important it is that we not sell ourselves short. The conversation centered around how one of the members should price her consulting services. Numbers flew around and the range between the highest and lowest suggested hourly rate was several hundred dollars. How's that for a reflection of how different women perceive the value of what they offer! ...more

Important post, Paula!  Thank you.  It is critically important that women understand where ...more

Salary Negotiation in Tough Times: What Not to Do

The U.S. fiscal climate is going from bad to worse, with Wall Street firms crumbling and unemployment edging ever higher. All this makes for an uneven landscape for salary negotiations, which aren't easy even during a robust economy. To succeed with salary negotiations in tough times, experts say workers should definitely avoid certain tactics. ...more