“Lead” Your Business to the Next level

As a business professional you probably have a collection of old business cards sitting on your desk that you will get to “sometime”. You also have an active LinkedIn profile with 500+ connections and growing and you belong to many active professional Facebook, Google Plus groups but none of these platforms are translating into ROI....more

4 Sales Lessons You Can Learn From Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Every spring, thousands of Girl Scouts across the country transform into “cookie professionals” to help sell boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and raise money to help fund troop initiatives as well as benefit the community. For many scouts, this is probably the first real job they’ve ever had. And while selling cookies is a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of responsibility. Brand new Girl Scouts may need some extra customer service assistance when it comes to making a final sale – here are my tried and true sales tips for how to make a mint off of a box of Thin Mints!...more

More Than A Pretty Face

 There are some serious misconceptions surrounding the world of sales and so as a part of the "Journal of a Mad Saleswoman" series, I figured I'd tackle them one by one, because while I have lots of things going on in my life, I'm appointing myself keeper of the "sales concepts" keys.  So here goes....more

{afternoon coffee break} work wear on sale

{afternoon coffee break} work wear on sale Chic work wear is a must and chic work wear on sales is everything. Take a few minutes before you wrap up the work day and check out some awesome items I found on sale!...more

Using LinkedIn for Cold Calling and Building a Rolodex

Last week we wrote a post on how digital technology is replacing cold calling. A few of you have asked us to expand on the topic so here is a post on using LinkedIn for prospecting.More and more companies are turning to LinkedIn for business and sales. This ever-growing social platform is also proving itself to be a powerful sales tool. Here are some suggestions on how to take advantage of technology to get leads and sales using LinkedIn:...more

A New World of Sales Techniques in a Digital Age

If someone knocked on your door asking you to buy something, how quickly would you shut the door? Long gone are the days of door-to-door sales, and just as selling face-to-face is becoming a thing of the past, many other aspects of sales are changing with the digital times. What once was a cold call ...more

How to Host a Webinar (and Why You Should)

The bar for the know, like, and trust factor has been rising over the past few years. A decade ago, there was less competition. If you were online and wrote a few articles you were golden. Now, people want to get to know you in a deeper way before spending money with you. One way to do that in a very personal and virtual way is to host a webinar. Here's a great post from Judi Knight on how to do it well. ...more

Racing to Close the Sale

The sales process provides a road map to follow when you are driving toward winning new business. The course begins with identifying a prospect and traverses through a series of events to the finish line. The intended destination on the map is the “close”. The place where you complete the sale, where you can declare you have won the race!...more

It's A Blog Eat Blog World

It's a blog eat blog world out there.  Seriously, I wonder what I'm doing some days.  I began blogging over a year ago in support of my newly published book, a self help guide mainly for women going through divorce.  I was  enthusiastic about my blog and enjoyed the challenge and the interaction with my invisible readers.  Invisible being the key word here. ...more
@Darcie Thanks for your feedback Darcie.  I guess it's hard when it feels like no one is reading ...more

Sales Referral Partners Leads to New Customers

Using partnerships to grow your business is smart business. Partnering drives market awareness, aligns your brand with other credible brands, opens doors to new customers and can even provide value-added products and services to increase your average sale....more