Peanut Butter Recall

Is the peanut butter in my cupboard safe? What should a mom do when peanut butter and other peanut products are recalled? Seems almost un-American to stop making those beloved PBJ's. Peanut butter has been a staple as a family-friendly convenience food for decades. ...more

Raw Milk and Salmonella Tomatoes

Since April, there have been 613 people identified as infected with Salmonella St. Paul in this country. For the most part, consumers have embraced the warnings and precautions put out by ...more

You make some very good points.  I would love to see (and have lobbied modestly for) changes ...more

It's Summer Tomato Time -- Or Is It?

After strawberries and peaches, the fruit -- yes, fruit -- that most defines the summer growing season is the tomato. What's summer without fat slices of fresh tomatoes? Well, let's see, we just might be looking at it. Or NOT. ...more

Washing AND cooking the salmonella-suspect tomatoes....

What about grilling the ...more