Ultimate Guide to Funding Your Beauty Salon Business

Everybody wants to grow their business quickly. There are some vital things, and those are must need for building your business. If you are a small business, then the most important option is to funding. You have to fund bigger for make your business bigger, in this article I’ll share some guide to financing your beauty salon business....more

June 8th is National Best Friend's Day

I didn’t even realize National Best Friend’s Day was an actual holiday, but I guess it’s true that you do learn something new every day. I recently had a lovely coffee meeting with one of the marketing brains behind the new salon, EZ Blow Dry, located in Hallandale Beach. He informed me that this Sunday, June 8th, as a new client I could visit this salon and receive a blow dry for $29 and if I bring my best friend, they could receive a blow dry for just $10…. What a great deal!...more


Faith Adielehttp://faithadiele.blogspot.com/Faith Adiele will be reading from Meeting Faith (W.W. Norton), a travel memoir about becoming Thailand’s first black Buddhist nun, which received thePEN Beyond Margins Award for Best Memoir of 2004, and speaking about putting the self on the page. Monday, March 7, 2011 || 7pm Book Passage || Corte Madera 51 Tamal Vista Drive, Corte Madera || www.bookpassage.com...more

From Hair to Eternity

My blog, "24 In My Mind", often provides beauty tips for the over-40 woman -things we can do (or not do) to look younger. It’s true, looks aren’t everything. You do need to be beautiful on the inside, too. But, there is a body-mind connection - how you look impacts how you feel - and having 'good hair' is one of the best ways to boost that youthful feeling. Here are some of my tips for 'young' hair: 1. Never let anyone over 30 cut your hair. Ok, now, before I get really nasty emails from hairstylists over 30, let me re-phrase......more

Is There a Gender Gap In Literature?

Salon.com recently published an article from Laura Miller entitled “Literature's Gender Gap.” It followed on a survey by the literary site Vida that showed female voices are underrepresented in literary criticism, both in books by women and lack of women among the reviewers themselves. While that was pretty logical, it was the leap of logic that Miller took in the rest of the piece that did me in. ...more

Ellen, I love that you pointed out a flaw in the methods of the Salon article. May I also ...more

Sex in Literature Awards: Leave Authors Alone

“Do you subscribe to Esquire?” my friend Hannah asks me. It’s a chilly February afternoon and we’ve met for lunch at the Hammer Museum’s café for the usual dishing session. Most women meeting to discuss their love lives would be thrilled to expense their lunches the way a sex columnist and the author of several ebooks detailing her sexploits do, and we usually are thrilled, even if we’re not half as good at keeping track of our receipts as we are at chronicling every detail of our encounters. Except today. Today, Hannah looks livid. ...more

People just need to read more romance novels. They certainly have sex scenes. Well, ok that ...more

Vajazzling is So Yesterday. What Your Vulva Needs is a Vajajay Tattoo!

When you were a kid, did you ever pick up a marker to add crazy eyes to your fist, designing an impromptu puppet? Maybe even add a little lipstick to make your fist puppet talk much to the delight of your friends. No need to give up that kind of fun or friendly delight even though you are now a grown-up lady! ...more

What a great way to skank up your made-to-be-beautiful to some lucky man already body!

Grand Opening February 8th!

Ten years of research….three years of planning……and months of details we never anticipated!  BUT WE DID IT! Please celebrate with us by visiting our website at salonnaturalsonline.com. All bloggers receive 20% off the retail purchase of any shampoo and conditioner pair through 3/31!  Sign up for our monthly newsletter while you’re there!  We look forward to hearing from you!...more