Tomatillo Salsa

Oh. My. This tomatillo salsa is so tasty! And it’s incredibly easy to make. Even growing them is stress-free!...more

The Resurrection Of The Salsa Club Rollup

I first posted about the Salsa Club Rollup back in 2013, but I thought it was high time I brought it back to life again. If you are looking for a quick and easy summer time lunch or supper, you've got to try a Salsa Club Rollup!A what?!?!, you asked.I'll explain:...more

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Here’s the thing, we’re kind of snobby when it comes to salsa. It will pretty much guarantee a return visit to a restaurant if they have good salsa. If not, sadly, they’ll never see us again. So making salsa at home is quite the daunting task. The husband likes it hot and I like it fresh with lots of flavor. Meeting these two expectations is not an easy feat....more

Avocado Salsa

Isn’t it interesting how in the winter you feel like you need to store up food, eat things that are heavy, filling and sometimes not even good for you and then in the summer you crave light, refreshing and healthy foods?  There is no doubt that you can get just as hungry in the summer as you do in the winter but for some reason, it just feels right to eat healthier during the warmer months.  Well, this is what I have been focusing on lately and I have been searching for recipes and ideas of things to fix that are quick, healthy and very tasty....more

Nice and Spicy or Just a Kick?

Fire Roasted Salsa...more

Restaurant Syle Mexican Salsa

Quick, easy, authentic tasting Mexican salsa; just pulse together in a food processor blender.

Corn-free Nachos + Ridiculously Tasty Toppings

I may or may not be on a major Mexican kick right now. I can't seem to get guacamole + fresh salsa in my tummy fast enough....more

Tomatillo Salsa

Perfect Summer Snack: Mango Cucumber Salsa

I’ll start off this post by saying that I just love, love, LOVE fresh salsa! Not only is it so easy to make that even the most unculinary (is that a word?) person can execute it flawlessly every time, but it also happens to be one of the healthiest snack-type foods I can think of.  ...more
TheRealAaronW My pleasure! Thanks for the shout-out :)more

Cucumber & Mango Salsa (Salad)

Cucumber & Mango Salsa (Salad) I made cucumber and mango salsa last night, for our Cinco De Mayo celebration.  No recipe, everything was eyeballed. This is what I call instinctual cooking. It was very tasty…there was a little leftover, so I actually had it for lunch; – it was yummy the next day too....more