5 Ingredient Mango Salsa

This Mango Salsa recipe is so easy to make and only has FIVE ingredients!  I will be making another batch of this salsa for Cinco de Mayo. (Since this batch lasted only one day in my house!)...more

Make Your Own Fire-Roasted Salsa on the Grill

I am going to raise my hand right now to admit that "Yes, I am a chip and dip girl." I have a weakness for hot sauce, dips, salsas, and the more flavor, the bigger my weakness! When I found this awesome recipe for Fire-Roasted Salsa, I HAD to try it.  It doesn't take too long, and the results are CRAZY GOOD! ...more
@Karen Ballum You will love this recipe! It is REALLY good.more

Unforgettable Salsa


Sassymonkey - yes - it is great to make in winter.  I am looking for a good fresh salsa ...more