Homemade Pretzels

Sesame and poppy seed coated pretzels, crunchy brown exterior and soft chewy interior.http://homecookingadventure.com/recipes/show/Homemade-Pretzels...more

New Dietary Guidelines. Surprise! Decrease Sodium Intake!

If you were doing a crossword puzzle and the clue was sodium…it is likely the answer would be salt.  Salt or sodium chloride  is the  solution for the  New Dietary Guidelines too!  These  Guidelines  come out  from the USDA every 5 years....more

10 best ingredients in my kitchen

10 best ingredients in my kitchen There is always some products that you use every time you cook in your kitchen. Some gadgets that you cannot live without, some essential things that you absolutely adore. Here are the best 10 ingredients, products that I use all the time and almost everyday. Without them, I would be nothing in a kitchen. ...more

But the Dijon Mustard would be in the top 10

Malabar peppercorns
Spanish ...more

A Charcutepalooza I Shall BE

I can't give up.  I have been thwarted in every direction I turn for this damn curing product. I have been told it is dangerous...it is not sold here in its pure form...Listeria and Botulism will plague my family. Bullshit! First I must begin by telling you that people who cure and do Charcuterie are dye-hard fanatics who would not let a neophyte like myself get into harms way....more

Why We Love Salt

From EmpowHER.com I had the pleasure of visiting the tiny Dutch town of Delden recently. Because it looked like a Dickens Village, especially since it was a white Christmas, we went back for a second time to explore the village a little more; our first time had been for a Christmas Eve service on a freezing night (the 14th century church served killer hot chocolate and cookies afterward. These Euros really know their chocolate.) So during the daylight we walked through the cobble streets and came upon a salt museum....more

New Year's Eve Almond Bark with a Bite

As promised, I’m bringing you the low-down on the savory-sweet dessert feast from Tasha DeSerio‘s Sweet Sparklers found in the Dec 2010/Jan 2011 issue of Fine Cooking magazine....more

hot dark chocolate with cinnamon and salt

It's the day after Christmas and it's snowing like crazy. It's almost as good as a Christmas Eve snow, when you wake up on Christmas morning and the world is white. ...more

But that sounds really lovely.

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Low Sodium Salt - How About No Salt at all?

I've just been reading this past article about so called designer salt that hopes to reduce the sodium in food by 25% - as a well know commercial says every little helps but can't we do more that this? The article makes reference to Susan Weiner Nutrition Susan Weiner explains that sodium, which can show up in large amounts in processed food, is something to keep an eye on to help control blood pressure and promote health....more

Thanks you for your thoughts Cherre - I do agree with you however surely chefs should take some ...more

Food Safety and Salty Facts

http://www.applecrumbles.com In the e-newsletter this week, issued by Food Engineering, there were some very interesting news bits in food manufacturing.  It sounds so industrial doesn’t it? But it’s interesting so read on…. ...more