#WeekendCoffeeShare - November 8, 2015

If you and I were having coffee right now … I would thank you for agreeing to meet me in the hospital coffee shop. Meeting here is so much easier for me this week. If you and I were having coffee right now … I would ask you how you've been and what kind of week you had....more

Dear Salvation Army, You Don’t Deserve My Charity This Christmas

Christmas is coming, and this is the time we all think about which charities to support and how to give to the less-fortunate. Maybe you’ve seen the red kettles around and heard the jingle bells in the mall. Maybe you’ve seen the Salvation Army officers manning the kettles, smiling and thanking you for supporting the less-fortunate this Christmas. And maybe it gives your heart a warm feeling when you throw in your change and walk away, knowing that the Salvation Army typically has done good things for the homeless and poor in Toronto and other cities around the world....more

The Purge Project: Cleaning out the Clutter

Do you ever find yourself standing in your garage, looking for something you know is out there- but you just can’t find it? But you can find about a zillion other things that you haven’t used in three years and know you likely won’t need for at least five more?...more

Making ACHIEVABLE New Year's Resolutions

Lose weight. Quit smoking. Spend more time with the kids. Get organized.   These are typical resolutions...and are not attainable as they stand. What does “lose weight” mean? If you lose 1 or 2lbs, have you achieved that goal? Weight Watchers sets goals of 10% of your current weight....more

In the Spirit of the Holidays: Donating to Charities and Avoiding Scams

A Giving Spirit Once upon a time, I volunteered, freely giving of my time and money, as much as possible....more

Clutter-less Gift Giving

Let's face it, December is an expensive time of year! This is my first Christmas season as a single mom so needless to say, I've been thinking about the cost of gift giving a bit more this year. I've actually even been considering craft-type gifts for those on my list and trust me, I'm not a craft person. With a little bit of thought, I'm going to try to keep my spending and clutter-giving Christmas to a minimum this year....more

I like the idea of delaying an expense this way but in general I feel a majority of people have ...more

Ding,Ding Debit? Changes at the Salvation Army Include iPhone apps, Online Donations and Facebook Widgets

A debit card machine at a Salvation Army bell station? No, you haven’t hit the eggnog too early. It’s part of a growing number of changes at the organization including an iPhone app that allows users to choose bell tones. ...more

The Salvation Army Has a Bell That Rings for Me

It was a hot and humid, sweaty summer night. A fellow student and I were walking the streets of Cincinnati dressed in dirty, shabby clothes. We had not washed in three days. We had slept in our clothes. We had been turned away by a variety of organizations, and met with locked doors at a few churches as we searched for sources of food and shelter. ...more

That is interesting that they have such a reputation as far as Australia. Sometimes the same ...more