"Dear People Who Don't Work Here": Is Jezebel's Daily Show Coverage Feminism, or the Opposite of Feminism?

It all began with Irin Carmon's stinging accusations at Jezebel. As funny as the Daily Show can be for viewers, for female employees, "it's also a boys' club where women's contributions are often ignored and dismissed." Carmon continues to assert that currently, there is "less overt frat-boy humor, but that doesn't mean the institutionalized sexism is gone" and part of that institutionalized sexism is a climate unwelcoming to female writers and correspondents. ...more

And if she doesn't last, I trust that the reason she is off the show is because she didn't score ...more

Samantha Bee on Male Inequality

Feb. 3, 2010: The Daily Show's Samantha Bee reacts to all those news stories about it being a women's nation and the so-called "new economics of marriage" by crashing a men's retreat: "Having never heard of Las Vegas, these disenfranchised men seek solace in the woods, where they play games no one liked in PE class and complain about their wives." ...more

"Women's Health" Is Nothing: Try Putting Air Quotes Around A Middle Finger

The other week, when John McCain got all dismissive about women's health during the presidential debate and kept waving his fingers around making sarcastic air quotes - or, as Jon Stewart correctly referred to them last night on The Daily Show, "dick fingers" - I thought that my head was going blow off. "Women" use "health" as an excuse to get abortions? This is something that the "extreme pro-abortion movement" uses as a ploy to promote abortion? "HEALTH"? ...more

 I was shocked when he did that in the debate but I guess it all caught up with him Obama ...more