Same-Sex Marriage Victory, Voting Rights Loss: My Roller Coaster

How am I to feel when the Supreme Court decides today that my partner and I could potentially be legally married, but my daughters—both Black—had their future voting rights threatened by the striking down of a key aspect of the 1965 Voting Rights Act yesterday?...more
@Rita Arens  @Nordette Adams In family law, this is the only area in which states can deny the ...more

When Love Is Just That

I am seriously kind of sick of the whole matter. I was scrolling through my personal FB page and was confronted with the religious right bashing an "issue", which should not even be an "issue": gay marriage. Let me start to say, I even dislike the term "gay marriage". Marriage is marriage. Period. It should not matter who the parties are, as long as they are consenting adults. It's called tolerance! ...more

Lesbian Wife Wins Fort Bragg "Military Spouse of the Year"

This will necessarily be vague with some details changed. But back when I was a newly out lesbian, I dated a military officer who lived on a base. When I lost my housing due to a bad landlord incident (his bad, not mine!), my girlfriend and I decided to live together. It was during "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and it was no fun for me, living a forced lie. So imagine my thrill when I read the news that this year, Fort Bragg chose Ashley Broadway, 15-year lesbian partner and co-mom to two small children with Lt. Col. Heather Mack, as the military spouse of the year....more
Beautiful article. Thank you for sharing your experience and this inspirational story! I knew ...more

Bright Lights, Big Exclusion

Sunday morning. Wet and gray. Curving around the city of Richmond on 64, heading west, I caught the warning, in LED. The billboard read: “Obama supports Gay Marriage & Abortion.”Then it solicits my opinion, “Do You?”I quickly scanned to see who was sponsoring such well-lit hate on my Sunday morning. Good morning to you, Republican Union.Unified against equal rights for marriage and freedom of reproductive choice....more

Marriage - No Qualifiers, Just Marriage

This subject is one that has tickled the back of my mind for a while now. It's a hot topic, and thus has had hundreds if not thousands of blog posts and articles written about it. So, why another one? Because it's bugging me!Today is a big day in a few states, with voting on amendments that make gay marriage unconstitutional (NC, for example).So, what's frustrating (to me) about this topic?...more

The Defense of Marriage Act is Challenged, But Not Enough

[Editor's Note: On Thursday, a federal appeals court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional. BlogHer Shannon LC Cate explains why - and what could happen in the future. --Grace]...more
@BlogHer ALL sexualities should have the SAME right to marry/parent. Thing is...negative ...more

Political Footballs

 I just want to say this and be done with it. ...more

President Obama: Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

Saying, "It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," President Barack Obama declared his support for legalizing same-sex marriage, the first time he has gone on record with this position. The announcement makes him the first sitting president to publicly support gay marriage....more
Some who might consider themselves to be another gender would include transgendered individuals, ...more

Why The Next Church I Go To Might Be A Real Estate Agent

NEWCASTLE, NSW, AUSTRALIA - The minister of a small, Presbyterian church in the Newcastle suburb of Wallsend has gotten much more than he bargained for when he posted this message on his church billboard earlier this week....more

Why Christians are not the boss of marriage.

I’ve been doing some thinking about marriage lately, in light of the recent decision by New York state in the U.S. to legalise homosexual marriage, as reported by the New York Times just a few weeks ago. I myself am married. I committed this act when I was all of nineteen years old. The person whom I married was eighteen, and we had managed to make a little baby together a year or so before. Of all the things we did in those few, heady years, technically, marrying was certainly the easiest. It was one terrific day. But getting ourselves a Christian marriage was definitely a lot harder. ...more
Oh, I know from experience how some well meaning fellow Christians can meddle in your love life, ...more