Children of Same-Sex Couples Are Emotionally Equal

A new Australian study that coincides with previous American research from 2005, shows the children of gay parents grow up with normal self-esteem. Melbourne University PhD student Simon Crouch and his team conducted one of the world's largest studies on gay parents and the well-being of their children. Data was collected from 500 Australian children up to the age of 18 and found that kids growing up in gay and straight families matched equally when it came to self-esteem....more

New Findings on the Children of Lesbian Moms

The current article examines the sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and sexual risk exposure of seventy-eight 17-year-olds whose mothers enrolled in the NLLFS before their birth. Psychiatrist Nanette Gartrell and her colleagues have been studying these children and their families beginning in 1986. Their research findings are the response to all the naysayers who argue that there is no longitudinal research on the children raised in planned lesbian families. Turns out there is. ...more

What Lesbian Moms Want for Mother's Day: Divorce

Alright, maybe "want" is putting it a bit strongly. But "need," unfortunately, is an accurate term. Yes, love is love, and yes, parents are parents, and yes, all families are different. But let's get beyond the bumper stickers and look at the hard, cold facts. Legal marriage would put my partner and I in our proper tax bracket when filing together and save our kids oodles of money a year for the college fund.  The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) reports (pdf) that the average family of four, including two lesbian parents, will spend tens -- even hundreds -- of thousands of dollars more than identical families with opposite-sex parents raising the children to age 18. ...more