And So Here We Go!

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I Hate You, Mom

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Two Moms at the Sweetheart Ball

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You both looked lovely that evening and I think it is terrible that someone would make you both ...more

A Day in the Life of a Deviant Married Lesbian Mommy

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I Could Not Ask for More

As seen this week on (12/15/2011):I’m finding out that life as we knew it is no more.  Yes, I know that seems like it would be an obvious discovery, but silly me thought that our lives would be as before, with just a tiny addition.  Right?  Wrong....more

If We Blink, We're Going to Miss Something

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Back to the Hospital

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She's Absolutely Perfect!

The first few hours after Harrison was born went by in a blur.  She arrived at 10 PM, on the hour, and by 11 PM  we were back in our room and introducing her to friends and family who had arrived and been in the waiting room.  I was running on adrenaline, to and fro between the room and the waiting room.  We had quite a crowd, but by midnight we were finally starting to say our good-nights and hoping for some rest.  Erikka was resting after her surgery, and they were pumping her full of medications to bring her blood pressures back down to normal while I got to spen...more
congratulations! there's nothing more amazing that the birth of your child! and you are right, ...more

For a Moment, Time Stood Still

As seen this week on (11/8/2011):So the last time I wrote it was Monday, October 24th, and time had stood still while we waited for four or five days thus far.  Needless to say, I wrote it and put it out there, and sure as hell, things started moving and shaking within hours of my authoring that blog....more