After the Sale is Over

From our Pinterest PageRequesting samples of items you are selling as a fundraiser to showcase and market them can inc...more

Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

A while back, I started really getting into ordering free samples from different companies.  Let me tell you!  My trip to the mailbox has become so much fun!  Now I get more free samples than I do bills (which is a miracle).  I decided to share the wealth and begin posting all the freebies and samples I sign up for.  So if you pop on over to my blog (, you can be well on your way to happy trips to the mailbox....more

Does Really Work? I'll Tell You!

A few weeks ago, I saw one of my friends on Facebook "liked" something called  I checked it out and it is a website that lists all kinds of free sample options from food to cosmetics.  So, I signed up for a few of the offers and I got my first sample yesterday and my second one today.  It REALLY works!...more

A Frugal Reminder

We frequently receive freebies, samples, or hugely discounted/coupon items.  You can only stockpile so much!  What to with the overflow:...more

Over-Giving: Are You Putting Your Business at Risk?

Lately I've been on a weekly pilgrimage to a local microbrewery to try their new beers and fill my growler. While I'm not a huge beer drinker (more of a wine geek), I like good and interesting brews. I particularly love this brewery for their innovative creations. Their friendliness is a huge boost as well. They are up and coming and growing fast with a loyal following. Recently while I was sipping my samples, the owner was having a conversation with someone who stopped in looking for a donation for an upcoming event and my ears perked up as I overheard some of what was said. ...more
@Kristen Daukas Oh good for you!  I wrote all about that "pick your brain thing"... you might ...more

Mailbox to Suitcase

One of the freebies I've mentioned before are samples.  You may think that they are not worth your time to get a one-use sample of something but they really do come in handy.While traveling recently, I used sample sizes of deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dental floss, and wipes.  That was just on one trip.  It made my packing easier, I didn't have to worry about the correct sizes for security, and when the sample was gone, I threw it away.  I didn't have to worry about packing empty bottles to take home to refill....more

Score Free Samples at the Store

Whether you are headed out to the grocery store or the home improvement store, you may be in for a treat! Many stores offer free samples as a way to encourage shoppers to try new products.Here are our top picks for best freebies:Walmart:...more

Meeting the Puberty Challenge With Info, Support and Free Products

I am having an Oprah favorite things moment this morning.   Love the Tampax and Always Uniquely Girl interactive puberty education program – truly!  The program, developed by medical experts, school nurses, health educators, parents and teens is free, easy to use and has sections specific for educators, parents, and teens.   ...more

G. stands for GIRL

Toxic Shock can be caused by: a white paper phosphate toxin. ...more