'Project Runway' Alum Gehlhausen to Appear at THREAD

More often than not, the 45-year-old owner of the downtown boutique Goga turned out perfectly constructed, wearable, stunning garments; and more often than not, she was cast aside by judges. Finally, showing what was, arguably, the best of the designs on the runway during the final challenge, Gehlhausen was eliminated, one challenge short of showing at Fashion Week. Now, Gehlhausen is back in San Diego, focused on her designs and her boutique, optimistic about the future and looking forward to a weekend appearance at THREAD....more

Pearl Necklace

A good friend pointed out to me that I can not possibly consummate a 15-year relationship in the same house that I once lived in with my ex-husband. You see, when my ex left me, he also left me the house. It's a condo really, and even though I hate it and want to leave so very badly, I'm pretty much stuck here. Yes, he's very generous in that he's helping with the mortgage but the point is, I'm still here and that's when sex and dating start to make me feel slightly uncomfortable. ...more

Love the Garlic -- Majestic Garlic, That Is!

I love San Diego's farmers markets. Yesterday, I drove about 10 miles up the I-15 to meet my friend Gayle at the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market. And, one of my favorite vendors, Majestic Garlic, was there. I've been enjoying their products for about a year. They make a vegan garlic paste in a variety of flavors and I've been working my way through them as I discover new ways to use it. This time, I replenished my "original" stock (just the garlic) and picked up the ...more

Top 10 Hot Weather Culinary Life Savers

It’s a hot and humid Saturday afternoon in San Diego and I can’t bear the idea of turning on the oven or even the stovetop burners. I don’t even want to grill. I don’t want to be near anything over 78 degrees. This time of year is pretty much about having things around that satisfy hunger without requiring sweat-provoking activities like sautéing, roasting or boiling. I have some favorite cooling foods—some that I’ve found at the markets and some that are easy to prepare and are mostly about fruits and ...more

Quenching Summer Thirst

Summer heat creates summer thirst. With meyer lemons hanging on the trees in San Diego, my new favorite drink is a simple one -- ice water with a healthy squeeze of meyer lemon juice. The water is good for me and the lemon is a little tart, a little sweet and adds just enough kick to make me smile -- and most important, quench my thirst on a sultry afternoon. What are your favorite thirst quenchers? ...more

Rockabye Book Giveaway

A few months ago, JS and I had a bit of a mishap with our birth control. We, naturally, stayed calm and discussed our options freaked the hell out and bought about a gazillion pee sticks. Luckily for us*, I was not pregnant. ...more

The ability to have the choice to just grab your shoes, car keys, and taking off, free from ...more

World on Fire

I'm sure you heard that Southern California is ablaze. From where I sit here in San Diego, it might as well be the entire world. I'm safe and my loved ones are safe, though I already know two people who've lost everything. I can't imagine how many more times I will hear this awful news in the coming days. This thing is far from over. ...more