A Visit to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco

We recently visited the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. We took pictures of these amazing underwater aquariums. Aren't they beautiful. The last one is a picture of a Seahorse Dragon!! So delicate and unique. I would never even be able to imagine that such a creature existed upon this earth. I am glad I was able to learn about it here. Lia www.PetiteLittleBee.com...more

Women Who Plan to Have Lots of Sex May Be Breaking the Law

On January 7, Alex DiBranco reported at Change.org's Women's rights blog that carrying too many condoms and hanging out with another person can get a woman arrested for prostitution in DC. On January, 11, she noted that this insanity is official policy in New York and San Francisco, too. She followed up the next day with the DC Metropolitan Police Department response. ...more

I just read the premisse of your post to my boyfriend who raised his eyebrows and then asked ...more

My Own Christmas Newsletter: Spoiler Alert - Includes Swine Flu

December, 2009         It may be better to give than receive, but I'd rather read your newsletters and cards than try to remember the past year in enough detail to write my own. ...more

A Sea of Blue

The decor and color scheme of La Mar along the San Francisco Embarcadero waterfront is stunning. Bright crystal blue water tones, white, silver, and a stunning view of the bay make this restaurant a hip, sophisticated yet soothing place to dine....more

God bless you anyway, the panhandler said.

He said it to my back as I walked away. That was his reaction after he asked if I have something for him and I answered, “Not today.”  His tone made it a rebuke. God bless me anyway?  Would I have been sincerely blessed if I had deposited money into his hand, the way I sometimes do?   ...more

I’ve come to terms with this dilemma.

Sometimes I give them money, sometimes I don’t. ...more

Going to BlogHer Food? Check out CityMama's "Off the Beaten Track" San Francisco Food Guides!

In just a few days, food BlogHers from all over the world will be descending on San Francisco for the first annual BlogHer Food Conference. Held at the St. Regis hotel, the conference will feature three tracks: Visual, Vocational, and Values, and a veritable Who's-Who of food bloggers will be leading the sessions. ...more

Can't wait to see the restaurant recommendations too.  Hope you will come back and add ...more

Where to Drink during BlogHerFood '09

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned since I’ve moved to the Bay Area, it’s this: San Francisco is a city of unbelievable cocktails. This is not the land of your average gin and tonic, folks. This is the place to seek out drinks designed to make you think differently about what goes in a cocktail glass. Here are six places that ought to leave you highly satisfied. Most of them are within walking distance of the St. Regis, but I’ve included two of my very favorites that will require a little more of a trek. And here’s a bit of a bonus: Four of the six also serve up incredible food, so bring your appetite along with your thirst. ...more

Kalyn, excellent choice and good question! It's about six blocks down Market Street from 3rd ...more

Where to Eat during BlogHer Food ‘09

I’ve described my move to the Bay Area many times as making an extended pilgrimage to foodie Mecca, and even now that I’ve lived in Oakland for more than a year, I am still wide-eyed at the amazing eating experiences I’m having, week by week. If you’re coming here for BlogHer Food ’09, I encourage you to eat your way across town. But with so many possibilities, how do you pick where to eat? After all, even in San Francisco, you can find yourself savoring just an average meal, and with limited time and room in your stomach, that would be an epicurean tragedy. This is just part one of a series of posts that will run over the next few weeks. Next on the docket? Notable cocktails (and, in some cases, those cocktail purveyors will also provide a spirited eating experience). Finally, I’ll give you a wrap-up of some interesting places to do some foodie shopping while you’re in town. But first, you must eat. I’ve compiled a list of five places I think worthy of your attention. ...more

Anytime, Wife and Mommy...you're always welcome, and as long as you come hungry, there's ...more

Date Night In San Francisco

If you have read anything about myself or my family you already know that we are big believers of “date night”.   For us, it is one of the many secrets that keep our bond strong.  For a few hours we get to laugh, have good conversation and have some alone time with no kids around.  ...more

Have Baby, Will Travel - To BlogHer?

This time last year - just over a month before BlogHer in San Francisco - I was on bed rest. I'd given birth to Jasper a few weeks prior, and was laid up with a bad case of birthblasted nethers. I wasn't doing much other than nursing, applying ice-packs, and fretting over whether Jasper's big sister was getting enough attention. Oh, yeah, and I was mentally plotting what I would need to pack to take to BlogHer a few weeks hence. ...more

I love holding babys, I sure hope everyone has a great time