BlogHer14... Get Ready to Meet the New & Improved Phoenix Tribe!

Last year, a small group of friends from Phoenix attended our very first BlogHer conference. There were three ladies and a pre-teen blogger in the making attending the workshops, socializing with new people and taking it all in.We had the most unimaginable time! So much so, that when we returned, we talked, and talked, and talked... and talked some more about the time that we had....more

BlogHer '14: Book Your Hotel Room Today

Editor's Note: The Marriott is essentially sold out as of April 2, 2014. Please book your hotel at one of our other amazing hotels. You have three options, all of which still have room for you and your best blogging friends! -Jenna. A few weeks ago, Elisa announced our 10th annual BlogHer conference in San Jose and let you know you could register immediately. Today, I am sharing our hotel information, so you can book your room at the lowest rate possible for BlogHer '14. ...more
WomenLoveTech  Yes!  I'd love to share a room!  Have you already booked one? Oh! I should ...more

BlogHer '14 Hotels: A Video Tour to Help You Pick Your Hotel!

Hi, I'm a dork. I'm SO excited that BlogHer '14 is coming back to the Bay Area, where it all began! I bought my pass right away when it was announced, and then they shared the hotels a couple of weeks later. Wait. HotelS? With an S? Yup. There are four official hotels for BlogHer '14! ...more
that was so awesome. thank you for doing this. i'm local too (sf resident, grew up in east bay) ...more

Do you know the way to San Jose?

I remember the thrill and my immediate, all-encompassing delight when, at the end of BlogHer '12 in New York City, it was announced that BlogHer '13 would be held in Chicago. ...more

Visitor’s guide to San Jose, California

San Jose, CA, USA So let us assume for a moment that you are not a video game and / or D&D junkie (and you remember things like corkscrews when bringing over bottles of wine to your friend’s house). Barring that, what does one do for amusement in Greg’s home town? ...more

Costa Rica Series: San Jose

If you have just somehow magically found this post, you might want to start at the beginning. That being said, here we are at beautiful San Jose!  Or really, here we are at this gross city in the middle of this beautiful green country.  Yaaaay. ...more

Join the new San Francisco Bay Area BlogHer group!

Calling all Bay Area peeps -- I just created the San Francisco Bay Area BlogHer group! Join if you are attending BlogHer '09 and want to meet up before the conference -- or if you aren't attending but still want to meet other bloggers and get a tiny taste of what BlogHer is like.  Here's a link to the group: ...more

The 5th Annual HSSV Fur Ball 2008

What fun! ...more