Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sandwich Sauce

Initially, this was going to just be a recipe post for this amazing Cranberry Sandwich Sauce. But then, I thought y’all might want to know how I throw together a delicious turkey sandwich. So here it is, my recipe for my Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sandwich Sauce.This sandwich tastes best with a thick slice of turkey breast and not those paper thin deli slices you buy at your grocery store.Please don’t buy those for this sandwich. It will just break my heart!Better yet, use some of that leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving feast. Because that’s really how this recipe came to be, what to do with all that leftover turkey and cranberry sauce....more

The Cuban Sandwich

A very brief history of the Cubano Whenever there’s a Cuban sandwich on a menu, there’s a very good chance I’ll order it. And by “very good chance”, I mean, always. Photo credit: Miami Herald ...more

BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Time for an old fave...Really it's a combo of two and perfect comfort food for those chilly, rainy days that will eventually turn over to blooming trees, pretty flowers and sunshine. ...more

Margherita Sandwiches (Vegan!)

Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to grow and eat.  I love how they look, how they smell, how they taste and how abundant they are in my part of the country.  I'd just mentioned to Dave that I'd be glad to get a "real" tomato once summer comes blazing in because whatever the things they have in the grocery stores down here in the winter, are not "real" tomatoes to a Southern girl.  And then I walked in the Fresh Market and they had some heirlooms sitting on the front counter and I may have made a tiny noise of excitement when I saw them based on the sweet greeters face.&...more

Bacon, Brie, and Bourbon Peach jam Grilled Cheese

You guys.  This sandwich.  Each component of it is a decadent treat unto itself.  But when they're combined, very, very good things happen.  Buttery bread grilled to crispy perfection, gooey melted cheese oozing over the edges, salty, spicy pepper bacon, and sweet spiked jam--if loving this is wrong, I don't wanna be right....more

Try It Tuesday...

BLT's are one of our favorite sandwiches to make in the summer....more