The Beauty of Alzheimer's

“Beautiful place,” said my father, looking around admiringly.  “Nice very nice.  Beautiful place.”“It sure is,” agreed the attendant behind the wheelchair.  Quite charitably, I might add, because this particular hallway of the local VA hospital was not what I or anyone else could realistically call “beautiful.”  ...more

Christmas Consumption Guilt Free

I went to Christmas at the Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada today where I purchased the amazing Ferris Wheel pictured below.  The Ferris Wheel is made of wood and is a Christmas present for Vivienne.

Parenting your parent.. The good, the bad, the unforgettable

Two years, a void in my life so large the Grand Canyon couldn't fill it, and sits heavy on me even now. Five years, the amount of time I had to watch as our roles reversed and age sat down upon her graying head and the mother became the child. It wasn't always pretty with flowers and roses, memory making and laughter. There were times it was anything but that which we think about in this generation referred to as 'sandwich'. ...more

A Momma Meltdown

Well, guess what. I've had just a little, itty bitty, momma meltdown. Or maybe it was a daughter one. Because I can be as impatient with my own mother as with my kids, longing to shove her arthritic feet into her shoes rather than wait out her act of independence as she struggles with the long handled shoehorn; we can be as late for another doctor appointment, as I can be late getting my boys to school when they insist on tying their own shoes. ...more

Time Stands Still in the Middle of the Night

My Mom called me this morning.  However, this is what we refer to in the Midwest as a mixed blessing.  It was encouraging because Mummy has a very difficult time using the phone for outgoing calls and it often takes her several attempts to reach the person she wants to speak with.  On the other hand, it was 1:35 AM....more

Forging a New Path Myself . . . I'll Keep You Posted . . .

It's been a long time. Stress will do that to me sometimes. I disappear into the black hole. I can't find a way to climb out. Then I do. Mom. Mom has been falling. it seems that for a weeks on end I am getting calls from the care center that she has fallen again. They have alarms on her wheel chair and on her bed, yet somehow she keeps standing and then, of course, she falls. Thankfully nothing is broken yet, but I see it happening. I pray she will understand that she cannot stand up on her own. She needs assistance....more

The insurance company has met it's match in me and mom wins . . .

Thursday, April 28, 2011The insurance company has met it's match in me and mom wins ...more

I continue to forge a new path, but it's a lonely process . . .

 I continue to forge a new path, but it's a lonely process . ....more