Christmas Morning Sandwiches

Christmas Morning SandwichesChristmas Morning Sandwiches are a tradition in our house.  Made the night before, baked while you open presents. Merry Christmas!...more

Meatless Monday ~ Greek Pita Sandwiches

A taste of the Mediterranean shines through these Greek pita sandwiches with an explosive flavor. Toasted and slightly blistered pita bread stuffed with juicy ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumber, sliced red onion, and black olives marinated in a homemade Greek Dressing, accompanied by fresh salad greens and a creamy and tangy whipped feta dip, this light and crisp sandwich will wake up all of your senses and brighten your day....more

The Resurrection Of The Salsa Club Rollup

I first posted about the Salsa Club Rollup back in 2013, but I thought it was high time I brought it back to life again. If you are looking for a quick and easy summer time lunch or supper, you've got to try a Salsa Club Rollup!A what?!?!, you asked.I'll explain:...more

Curried egg salad

Can you think of anything less Easter-y than a fresh blanket of snow? Me neither! Yet here’s what it looks like outside my house RIGHT NOW: ...more

Garlic Herb Bread

My bread machine broke! Long story short, I tried this recipe in the machine, I think the yeast I used was old, and the dough didn't rise. Because it didn't rise, it was too compact for the machine to cook, and the blasted thing overheated and melted the plastic compound under the bread pan, which stuck to the plastic. ...more

Sandra's Kitchen

  Down Home Creative Countryfied Cooking!Sandra's Egg Salad:...more

Egg Salad Sandwich

Lighter Steak and Cheese

I just had lunch, but I'm hungry again looking at this!more

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Garlic and Herbs Cheese

We had our new next door neighbors over for dinner for the first time last weekend.  For over five hours we sat, talked, ate, and drank.  The conversation flowed smoothly.  Naturally, one topic discussed was unpacking.  We all agreed that it was the 1,734 favorite thing we like to do.  Food of course, was the focal point of the night.  Since I planned a prime rib dinner feast, I decided to go simple and easy with the appetizer and served crackers with store bought garlic and herbs spreadable cheese.  A good time was had by all....more