Garlic Herb Bread

My bread machine broke! Long story short, I tried this recipe in the machine, I think the yeast I used was old, and the dough didn't rise. Because it didn't rise, it was too compact for the machine to cook, and the blasted thing overheated and melted the plastic compound under the bread pan, which stuck to the plastic. ...more

Sandra's Kitchen

  Down Home Creative Countryfied Cooking!Sandra's Egg Salad:...more

Egg Salad Sandwich

Lighter Steak and Cheese

I just had lunch, but I'm hungry again looking at this!more

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Garlic and Herbs Cheese

We had our new next door neighbors over for dinner for the first time last weekend.  For over five hours we sat, talked, ate, and drank.  The conversation flowed smoothly.  Naturally, one topic discussed was unpacking.  We all agreed that it was the 1,734 favorite thing we like to do.  Food of course, was the focal point of the night.  Since I planned a prime rib dinner feast, I decided to go simple and easy with the appetizer and served crackers with store bought garlic and herbs spreadable cheese.  A good time was had by all....more

Tomato Soup Sloppy Joes

Teriyaki Chicken Subs

BLT Extreme


Grilled cheese sandwich with white cheddar & jalapeno jelly

Happy grilled cheese month, fellow food lovers!  I love having an excuse to cook something I otherwise wouldn’t have made, even if the excuse is something as random as a month dedicated to cheese between bread....more
Yes please! Yum!more

Dripping French Onion Roast Beef Sandwiches with Provolone

Talk about a sandwich....more