Are You Prepared?

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is pummeling the East Coast.  Friends of mine as well as strangers all across social media are reporting power outages, downed trees, and even an entire facade of a building collapsed in New York City.  Here in the Midwest, we don't feel the threat of hurricanes like our coastal brothers and sisters do.  But we certainly have our fair share of horrific weather....more

Hurricane Sandy: Superstorm causes coffins to rise from their graves

Coffins have eerily risen from their graves in a cemetery struck by deadly Hurricane Sandy....more

Romney Campaign Caught Between Storm, Election Day

Superstorm Sandy devastated major parts of the country, tripping up Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign as it tried to adjust strategy just one week until Election Day. Naturally, the concerns for the several dozen believed dead in the wake of the storm takes precedence over all else as does the relief efforts to help those in need....more
What are you trying to say? Today's polls show Obama with a clear margin over Romney.more

Using Social Media to Communicate During a Disaster

The East Coast felt the full force of nature, yesterday, when Hurricane Sandy hit during the early evening hours. As she progressed through terrorized neighborhoods ravaging everything in her wake, many people were left in the dark or in the water....more

Pondering Sandy - Praying for All Affected by the Frankenstorm

I can't bring myself to do any of my home decorating or craft projects today!  I am totally engrossed in reading blog after blog from people who have lived through and/or are suffering the wrath of Sandy.  Whether we call it a hurricane, a cyclone or a tropical storm, Sandy is a bitch!!!  (Please forgive the language, but I can't think of a more appropriate name) ...more