A Prayer for Peace


Choosing Love Over Anger

Scarlett Lewis Meeting the Dalai Lama...more


Dear Society:There are several intricate details about my inner self that make me who I am. Many are common in society and are accepted with open arms yet many are frowned upon and labeled crazy, ridiculous and lets not forget many see me as closed minded. In the shadow of a nations tragedy I feel this immense tug at my heart and soul to explain what is going on in my mind. Sure I may upset many…but I may inspire a few women out there to not be afraid to voice what they believe, even if it is not popular among society....more

Supporting Children After Sandy Hook Tragedy

Tragic events happen in the world every day and with today's age of information technology images and reports are readily available on television and social media. Twenty first graders were killed by a gunman in their classroom and now their faces are posted all over Facebook, Instagram and the local and national news. It's on the radio. It's what we are talking about in public and in private. This makes it impossible to avoid talking to our children about what happened....more

Violent Crimes and Mental Illness

In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there’s been a lot of talk about mental health. Comments like, “Now is the time to talk about mental illness!” and “We need mental healthcare reform NOW before this happens again!” are littering my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Many people, people that I care about and whose opinion I respect, want to use this tragedy as an opportunity to talk about how America’s mental healthcare system needs to change.But you know what? Now is not the time to talk about that....more
@Dorid  I hear you. However, think of the parents now. They need time to mourn...even I who ...more

Mindfulness, Heartache and Horror: Reflections on the Sandy Hook Tragedy

The news of the horrific tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut yesterday has been an earthquake... shaking and cracking the very foundation of what we thought we knew and believed. It is a call to awaken to this day, this moment and look life and love and loss and pain squarely in the face....more

Sandy Hook - We Will Never Know Why

The tragedy in Connecticut will be one people will not soon forget. I don't want to make light of all the other mass shootings, they are just as horrible, but this one seems to resonate a little deeper do to the young innocence of the victims. I'm sure people will spend hours analyzing why and how and trying to find reason for the outburst of sadistic violence. I honestly think we will never know. People who are capable of doing things like that are obviously not rational, their reasonings are so far-fetched and beyond the realm on normal. It will almost be impossible to decipher....more


As you go about your day today remember the families who are suffering from yesterday's tragedy.Hold your children close and say I love you to your loved ones.Keep in mind, every one of us has a "story" be kind and less judgemental of others. God bless, xo, jo...more

Ripples from Sandy Hook Elementary

There will always be good in this world. There will always be bad. It is life. It is a balance. And when something happens to disrupt that balance it is up to us to do something to correct it.  You cannot go back and erase what has happened,but you can go forward, learn from it and cause ripples of your own.~J.V....more