Mothers of Dead Children

Mothers are driven to protect their children. It's innate. When the very laws we live by allow our children to die, with bullets buried in the bodies we birthed and love, our hearts explode in rage and pain that transforms us and makes of us something distinctly other than that which we were before. This is a story of the parents of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary and how it propelled them into the world of gun control legislation and political action....more

Woman Arrested in Sandy Hook Shooting Donation Scam

If you're like me, you were probably disturbed to hear today of the arrest of a Bronx woman, charged with impersonating a member of the Pozner family, who lost their 6-year-old son Noah in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. ...more
I guess you will get people who are always looking to make a buck - even at the expense of ...more

Remembering Sandy Hook: His Name Is Noah Pozner

Noah Pozner will forever be six-years-old because of the unspeakable madness of Friday, December 14, 2012. A news reporter prompted me to write this blog. He looked into the camera and asked if the viewers remember the killers’ name in the Columbine killings of 13 years ago. Two names quickly came to my mind, which I refuse to put in this blog. The reporter then asked if I, the viewer, remembered just ONE of the victims’ names at Columbine. My stomach tightened and I felt personal disgust, at the realization that I could not come up with a name. Then it hit me, that is the ONE reason this American shame continues....more
That was such a horrible thing and I am praying for everyone involved! As a mother of 2 yr. old ...more

My Lesson from the Newtown Tragedy

At a certain point in my early 30s – shortly after I had gotten divorced and came out from the self-absorbed haze of “why me” – I had a turning point when instead of saying “Why me?” I started saying, “what is the lesson here?”...more
I'd like to hit pause with you.more

Helping Children Cope with a Tragedy Like Newtown

How do you talk to your kids about a public tragedy?...more

A Teacher's Thoughts & Fears Following Sandy Hook

Like most people, I was particularly rattled by Friday's tragedy in Newtown, CT. I have small children of my own, my older son just a year or two younger than many of the victims. I simply could not know what the parents of the deceased children must have been going through, though what I imagined was worse than any conceivable hell....more
@kathy.bolt I'm sorry to have instilled that fear in you!  This break is much-needed.  Here's to ...more

Sandy Hook Elementary

As most of Americans today, I have watched all the coverage of Sandy Hook Elementary School and even the 2 hour drive to the country,  I listened to the coverage via Satellite Radio, completely fixated on the horrific act that was committed against all of these children and educators.  Physically, emotionally, sympathetically, em-pathetically feel the pain and am in raw shock of this unthinkable act. ...more

It's not too early to start talking about gun control, it's too late

I saw several variations of that headline yesterday in other places. I agree wholeheartedly (and I apologize for any plagiarism I'm committing here -- can't recall where I saw it).The idea is that whenever these massacres like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary happen, people go, "It's too soon to talk about gun control! Give people time to grieve! Don't play politics with a tragedy!"But if we've got a school full of dead children and teachers, maybe it's not too soon to talk about gun control, it's too late....more