Sandy Hook "Truthers" Are Asshats

Y’all there is a level of asshat that astounds even me, self-proclaimed measurer of all things asshat. There is a species of twatwaffle out there who is convinced that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a “hoax” by Obama as an excuse to take their beloved penis-substitutes, AKA guns....more

Final Straw

Robbie Parker, Dad of Sandy Hook Victim, Emilie Parker, on Compassion

Scott and I watched the CBS Special on the Sandy Hook Massacre on television last night after the kids went to bed. We have not talked to the boys yet. We didn't have the facts. We are still wrestling with what to say and to whom. Some of the advice I have heard is that for children five years old and younger, we should simply shield them from this. So, it's only Ben, who returns to his school on Monday, that we need to tell. ...more
I will remember Emile Parker. Five down, 21 to go 26 Acts of memory.more

Reluctantly adding to the Newton conversation

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a social media addict. I post multiple times a day on Facebook and Twitter for both personal and professional reasons, and I write/blog for a couple online sites as well. Wasn't really sure if anything other than my family could make me take a step back, but hearing the news of the school shooting in Newton, CT did big time....more

Upon the Senseless Deaths of Children

[Note: I started writing this article Thursday night, before the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. I had scheduled a different, lighter post to go up on Friday, but I have postponed it in favor of this more timely one. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.] I never knew fear until I became a mother. Sure, I was scared of things. I had experienced a (thankfully) few scary moments in life. I don't like spiders much. ...more

Why My Heart Breaks for the Parents of the Sandy Hook School Victims

Like you, I've been shocked and overwhelmed by the events which took place at Newtown, CT this week.  My heart truly breaks for the parents left behind....more