Judgement and Safety

The girls and I made a trip to the library today, where our overdue books meant a pretty penalty if we didn't return them soon.At the entrance (just inside the sliding glass doors), S & G carefully placed each book (one by one) into the return receptacle. It's a ritual that they began when they were barely two.Walking toward us was a man (a kid, really) who made me nervous; scared me, though I couldn't put my finger on the reason why. I watched him, prepared to make eye contact, even, but he made no effort and kept on without any notice of me....more

How To Forgive

The day before the Sandy Hook shootings I shared about a sermon in church on forgiveness and what the bible says about it for believers. My world was rocked re-reading it in light of the tragedy. Yesterday morning we finished up the 2 part series and our pastor outlined 3 things that must happen in your heart for you to be able to forgive....more

For the children. And for us all.

It's been quite a weekend, hasn't it? I completely forfeited on my NaBloPoMo for this month, and I'm okay with that. I didn't have it in me to blog this weekend. I was so saddened and so heartbroken over the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, that I decided to take my own moment of silence. I'm glad I did....more

A Virtual Prayer Vigil for Sandyhook Survivors

A Virtual Prayer Vigil for Sandyhook SurvivorsON 12/21/12 at 9:36a.m. EST, please join in 5-minutes of prayer  (or silence, or simply the vibration of love,? for all those afected by this tragedy....more

A Messy Kind of Gratitude