Ode de Toilet.

The kids still really haven't caught on. Emotions still get heated and the drama still escalates when one of them has to poop ... and the other one has to poop at the same time. They still whine outside the bathroom door, hopping on one foot and then the other, yelling "Mommmmmm, he's taking too long!" And I call out the magical and urgent Mom call that has not to this day sped up the child pooping process. "Hurry it up! Your sister has to go, too!" And then we remember, we have 2 toilets now. Holy. Blessed....more

The Battle of the Sexes: Holding-out for Water and Sanitation

True to form, the Cannes film festival provided movie goers with an alternative to high-budget action films by showcasing "The Source" a movie about women who went on a “love strike” to gain access to clean water. The movie, featuring Leila Bekhti the new spokesperson for L’Oreal,  is based on the true story of women in a small Turkish village who went on a sex or “love” strike until the men repaired their village’s water source....more

Blogging Without Walls: Homeless Bloggers

In my opinion, you can’t deal with a growing homeless population unless you are also willing to look at the exportation of lower wage jobs to other countries, employment, changes in technology or health care, specifically mental health care, corporate and real estate fraud and the rising cost of housing. Beyond the screeching news sound bites and political ads about your wasted tax dollars are people, increasingly women and children, that are on the streets. ...more

I have heard of the big issue and it is a fantastic cause. It gives homeless people a sense of ...more