Lessons Learned on the Santa Train

(Code word of the day: “Supplement”)The other day, I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Autism-Mom. The post, FEELING THE MAGIC was about her son questioning the existence of Santa Claus. Give it a read if you have a minute, it is wonderful....more
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Santa Claus

When you think of Santa Claus, what comes first to mind? A jolly elf who spreads good cheer around the world or a sneaky home invader who spies on children? For me, it is a combination of both. I’m torn on this iconic character. Like religion and politics, the topic of Santa can be divisive among people, especially young parents. He is sacred and almost holy. Don’t dare talk ill of him. You are committing the ultimate sin against humanity and childhood. Santa is magic. Santa is innocence....more

FF - I heart Santa

In about seven months, I'll hit the half century mark of my time on this planet. And yes, I most definitely still believe in Santa Claus.Santa and I have been buds for a long time....more

You better not pout (especially if you're doing it in front of my mother while shopping at Target)!

When you think about it... It does seem a little far fetched that a guy who's outlived your grandfather's, grandfather's, grandfather's youngest son can still shimmy down an endless sea of chimneys delivering toys to good little girls and boys all over the world without even slowing down for a hot meal. If I ate cookies the way HE eats them, I would have been gone ten years ago! But the fact that he continues to show up every Christmas Eve without fail, is all the validation my daughter needs to keep the spirit alive....more
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Funny Santa Photos With Even Funnier Captions

Ahhh, the obligatory Santa photo. It’s been around as long as the fat man himself. Or, er, the camera anyway. Thousands of downright hilarious Santa photo bloopers have been around just as long too. They now reside online of course, so Mom and Dad can sit down on the eve of Christmas with a tall glass of egg nog and enjoy a good laugh before the serious business of Christmas begins....more

Santa and The Great Race Debate

Well, according to David Sedaris, in some countries Santa (St. Nicholas) has 6-8 black men to ...more

"Santa's watching you..."-said Mom.

Image Credit: Jaclyn Janssen Via Flickr Tis’ the season Santa is watching.... This time of year provides great opportunity for teaching my kids the importance of their behavior; the tool being bribery. I love the fact that my children believe in Santa. I also love the fact that my children know the true meaning of Christmas. Together, these two beliefs make Christmas all the more joyful for them (and for me). ...more

Santa's last flight... Every mother's worst fear!

That’s my mom… And that’s Santa. *Nudge, nudge* *Wink, wink*Every year, without fail; we would gather around the frost covered glass of our living room window–and listen. As the familiar sound of the sleigh bells filled the air, the butterflies in my stomach would grow more alive; and then we'd hear him–crunching his way up our front porch stairs with a cheerful and boisterous hello.Ho! Ho! Ho!...more