How the Media Denies Women Power and Influence

A brutal truth is being revealed in this election cycle that reinforces what we learned in the last one, when mainstream media and political power players worked to demolish Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.  These women could not be more different, but arguably, one of big media's goals seemed the same for both: to maintain the current power structure that leaves women out....more
 @Linda Anselmi  True.  And the impression given by the media's bias in consulting men in such ...more

A celebrity chef

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Living The Dream (Like A Man)

I must confess that I am wrestling with a certain angst. The word "feminist" has gotten me down.   It has been my good fortune to know a life of limitless possibilities. Save for the time I was booted from a baseball game for being a girl, any gender bias that came my way was not very obvious.  And okay, I admit it -- I was a terrible ball player.   Today, my life would fit a traditional mold of male success....more

Top Models and Crush Videos-Really?

Why would the advertisers for New Zealand's Next Top Model show think it wise to conjure up crush video images to appeal to a youth market? Among other things, the ad features a model in a sexy red high heeled shoe stepping on a white bleating lamb. Notwithstanding that the lamb is a toy and that I would defend to the death the protections of the right of free speech, I have to wonder what it means, and why hurting an animal is the new image of choice to suggest beauty and power. ...more

Thoughtful Discussion & Working Together (There is more that unites us than divides us)

Dated 1/11/11 on Soapboxville I really like politics. I really do. And in a different world had I managed to go to college I’d probably have tried my hand at, at least running for city council....more

Senseless and Heartbreaking: The Tragedy in Tucson, Arizona

I’ve held off offering an opinion on the deaths in Tucson or  voicing my views on the near fatal shooting of Gabby Gifford and the wounding of thirteen others. I’m an opinionated woman. Anyone that knows me will tell you so. I’ve personally been involved in a media blitz where any news, right or wrong, was latched onto and spread rabidly. I refused to participate then and I refuse now. I have been in contact with friends and fellow Officers from Tucson Law Enforcement. We are not talking about blaming Sarah Palin, Daily Kos or Clarence Dupnik....more

Debate, Disagreement, Words and Blood Libel

I generally try to keep things light here at Left Coast Cowboyland. Wine, organic produce and terriers pretty much sums it up. But some things rile me so much I can't keep my fingers from the keyboard. Today's video from Sarah Palin is one such event....more

A Word About Assasinations

As one of the national figures in the Animal Welfare arena I feel that something must be said and some leadership shown in the wake of the Arizona massacre. Many of us feel passionate about our mission and believe that our cause is a righteous one. All of us work with factions with whom we disagree and of whose tactics we disapprove. Those of us who study history and the arcs of civil movements and revolutions would concede that there have been successful uses of civil disobedience and strong rhetoric....more

Counting the Cost of Violent Political Discourse

I am watching the news in horror today, as a gunman opened fire on politician Gabrielle Giffords at a public event she was holding, shot her point-blank in the head, and shot 17 other people.  At the time I’m writing this, Giffords is in critical condition and six people have been killed....more

Well said. We should not have to wonder if this young man was influenced by the overblown ...more

Drawn Together: Obama's Milkshake Summit with Palin in Archie Comics

Barack Obama appeared on The View, and Sarah Palin took time from her own TLC show to visit Dancing with the Stars this year. I guess after The View and DWTS there is nowhere to go but down, so I wasn't too surprised to see that Archie comics featured both as guests visiting Riverdale High in two winter issues. ...more