Austerity Measures Coming to the US: How to Prepare Your Family for Coming Chaos

Did you know that the International Monetary Fund used more than $9 billion in US taxpayer money to bail out European banks this week? That there are 275,000 educational employees who are losing their job this year because of budget cuts? California just announced $19 billion in budget cuts to family welfare, disabled and the elderly! This tragic loss of public services is crippling your community and fueling chaos and social unrest.   Maybe you've felt it already with your school's budget getting cut, libraries closing, or mental health services eliminated....more

France Submits Bill to Outlaw Veils Outside the Home

French President Nicolas Sarkozy submitted a bill today banning the wearing of "full veils" (those that cover the face and body such as a niqab or burqa) in France. The proposed bill goes a step further from France's 2004 ban of religious headdresses within classrooms. ...more

Allowed or not desiring to go out of the house are two separate things. For instance, I am not ...more

The stories we can tell

This weekend’s Globe and Mail featured a prominent story about French author Corinne Maier whose book No Kids: 40 Reasons For Not Having Children has climbed to the top of that country’s best-sellers list and inflamed many people in a nation obsessed with shoring up its fertility rate. Some of her reasons include: childbirth is torture, children will destroy your time and your freedom and you will inevitably be disappointed by your child. ...more

I can give you 101 reasons NOT to have a child and that doesn't mean I don't love my kids or ...more