The Nightclub Diaries Chapter one

The Nightclub Diaries--- Chapter One- How the Hell Did I End Up Here??!!     "Hi, my name's Tami."Oh crap! Now what do I say when they ask what I do?  I am 26 years old.  Thats an age where you are somewhere in your life.  You know, a career?  In real life people have those.  Talk about life interrupted.     I was married at 19 to a man, not a boy, a man of 32.  Ouch!...more

The Girl Who Was Too Cool for Birth Control

The question any writer and editor should ask herself or himself is "how helpful is this information?" It is true that humor makes it easier to discuss topics that are difficult or boring, and that casual writing styles and irreverent attitudes help readers feel like the writer is speaking with them as opposed to lecturing them, but we can't allow the allure of page views to cloud our judgment. ...more
Health care and social media struggle with this issue all the time -- people's opinions written ...more

Dealing with the Annoying....

Everyone has a job.  It's how they make ends meet, maintain a standard of living and have a bit of fun.  But that doesn't mean that I have to like every single job out there.I particularly dislike any type of sales person.  This includes car salespeople, telemarketers and anyone else who deliberately inserts their presence into my daily life....more