My Personal To Do List for 2009

    Who needs resolutions? There's a concept that is just a one-way ticket to Guiltville.  Just give me an old fashioned To Do List and I can check the items off in a much more orderly manner. What's on your personal To Do List for 2009?   Happy New Year!  ...more

From the former President of the Latin Club....

As the former President of my High School Latin club, my heart pounds when I read about the resurgence of Latin in public and private school. There is nothing like the resurgence of a dead language to make me stand up and cheer. My father made us all take Latin in High School, but of all my seven siblings, I actually loved Latin. I went to a great public high school with a great Latin teacher. ...more

Attention, Sports Moms. I need advice...

Hey, all Sports Moms. I would love to get your best piece of advice for sportsparenting. What are the lessons you've learned from hours on the sidelines or in the stands. I've written a piece on Sports Parenting, but would love to expand it into content for my radio show with questions and answers. ...more

The First Question Sean Hannity Asked Me: A heads up for Sarah Palin

The news that  conservative talk radio and TV host Sean Hannity was going to be the second interview for Gov. Sarah Palin really got my attention. I met Sean Hannity 5 years ago and it was one of those encounters I will never forget. And not in a good way. ...more

What I love about this story is that it confirms what I feared. The embrace of Sarah Palin by ...more

Olympic Moms, Time Zone Imparity, and Golf Shirt Loses Gold Medal: More Random Thoughts

 I have not added my voice to the easy whining about the Live vs. Taped Delayed NBC Olympic coverage because why bother? First of all, people, they've been doing this for years so your either on board or your not, but it's a little late to object now. And secondly, that madhouse they are calling has everything you need to know and everything you need to watch live if you can figure out how to navigate the site. You want Live, go get yourself some Live. But for those us on the West Coast, we are used to ...more

Random Olympic Thoughts #1 by Lian Dolan

Lian Dolan here. Satellite Sister, rabid Olympic watcher, former producer in sports biz, attended 4 Olympic Games, and owner of a fantastic new TV with HD. Look here for daily Random Olympic Thoughts and add yours.   -- London should just punt now on the 2012 Opening Ceremonies.  There is no way they can compete with Beijing. I suggest something typically British then just get on the Games. Elton John performs a special version of "Candle in the Wind", the Queen removes the Olympic torch from her pocketbook and lights the flame, then everybody has tea.   ...more

Satellite Sister Lian: Olympics and P.E. Class

We had quite a weekend at our house in preparation for Beijing, my husband, sons, and me. I consider us part of the Olympic family, even though we've never competed in  or had and official role on the I.O.C or U.S.O.C. But, we do watch the Olympics on TV as avidly as anyone! That qualifies us, right?  In light of the fact that we are not making the journey to Beijing, so we tried for the next best thing-- watching a bunch of Olympians on our home turf before they hit the road for China. My son 13 year-old Brookes volunteered as a "ball-shagger" at ...more

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Talk Radio Show Hosts

Talk Radio is not a female friendly career path. The conventional wisdom in the industry is that men listen to talk, women listen to music. Ten years Liz Dolan set out to prove the pundits wrong. When radio executives would say to her that women don't listen to talk, her response was that women aren't interested in what men are screaming and yelling about. ...more