The Real Housewives of the Cold War

Sally Edelstein...more

My Little Golem: Build-A-Bear is Magic

Author's note: I appologize for the delay, but I have edited this work so that it does not have the initial, abrupt ending. My apollogies for not posting the edited work first. Much love- Sam...more

St. Halloween

I've been spending a lot of time on a Facebook page that satirizes sanctimommies.It's glorious.A bunch of bored wickedly funny and brilliant moms (and a few dads) let loose with the snark… it's so bad it's good."Halloweek" has been particularly enjoyable, what with all the news about the sanctimonious treats tracts being passed out:You probably already heard about The (Fat) Children's Crusade lady:...more

In a blog rut? Publisher reveals epic tips

The better blogging guide* that arrived shortly after I began this blog is sitting on my desk and I'm fighting the urge to put it through the shredder.After blogging for a few years, I thought I should give it a read and see if I could pick up some pointers. Turns out I get a gold star in the "so awesomely wrong" category.Guide to Better Blogging: An Overview...more