We All Work To Be Happy, But Are We Happier Being Content?

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.Great. 52 percent of us just clapped.But how many of us are telling the truth? ...more

Are We Ambitious or Greedy?

"You know what is a funny thing about expectations?", my husband asked me last night, "how quickly they don't matter anymore." I looked at him, confused, so he continued: "Look at Kai. He is going to be so excited when he finally pees in the potty. And then few days later, it's going to be expected of him. It's going to be just something he does." He was right. It is especially noticeable in a life of a toddler. They reach new milestones almost every day. There is thrill and cheering and picture taking, and few days later, it's just another old trick....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Overcoming Struggle with an Organized Effort 5-8-12

You may experience totally unexpected movement in the day, including social events.There is a confusing struggle for financial security, with a need to make important decisions regarding savings and investments, even lifestyles.Taking and making the “Right” decision is where the struggle is for most folks.Make an aggressive effort to manage/sell products and services, and the returns will be benefic.Opposing Energies: Anxiety, expectations....more

Are you truly being satisfied?


Have No Life

Why do you feel so backward compared to your friends? Why do you get depressed when you look at what they’re doing that you’re not? “Are you going to the barbecue this weekend?” a girlfriend asks. “No,” you reply, not really knowing which barbecue she’s referring to, but since you weren’t invited to any, you’re not going anyway. “Oh, well that’s too bad,” your friend says, “We’ve been having barbecues all summer. So what are you doing?” “Nothing much,” you reply, “Errands, chores, you know – the usual.” “We’re refinishing our deck,” your friend says....more

Regret Not Having Kids

Why do you feel a pang of regret for those children you never had, that you always said you never wanted?...more

Too Tired for Sex?

Why does your husband get all sexy on the nights you’re most exhausted?...more

Driven by Guilt

Why are you guilt-ridden the moment you take some time to yourself? Why does what little personal time you have always disintegrate into doing-something-for-somebody-else time?   At last you have an hour to yourself!...more

Are You Satisfied?