Maybe the Little Lady Will Be Allowed to Drive Next

The US has applauded the recent move by Saudi Arabia to both run and vote in municipal elections.  This is apparently a big step forward and something that we should see as possibly transformative of a culture that has historically denied women most basic rights.  ...more

Saudi Women Fight for Right to Move Freely, Right to Vote

When I was a youth growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I couldn't wait to get my driver's license. I turned 16, then impatiently waited another month to complete my driver's ed course. When I had my license in my hand, it was like holding a tiny piece of freedom. I could go to the movies or the bowling alley or to see my favorite musical (Co-Ed Prison Sluts, which incidentally is so good that it is Chicago's longest running musical), whenever I wanted to. Not that I had a car, but my parents generously let me use theirs. ...more

I got a speeding ticket the same week the Saudi women were showing their great courage. It ...more

Leap of faith: A young Saudi Arabian woman embraces destiny...

This post originally appeard in the 50 Women Project blog. Check it out today: Visit the website at ...more

What it means to be a child bride

Have you ever stopped to think about what a child bride goes through? I mean really think about it?...more

Powerful, Shocking, Horrifying. But thank you for the information.

I haven't read it yet but ...more

Saudi "johns" leave 900 children behind in Egypt

I’m on the record more than a few times when it comes to the Saudi practice of so-called misyar marriage. Plain and simple, I believe it is religiously sanctioned prostitution. ...more

Samar Badawi is in prison

Two years ago, Samar Badawi, then 30, signed a petition to allow women to drive here in Saudi. Six months ago that petition was used in court by her father to prove Samar, a divorced mother of one son, was “deviant”, and disobedient, and to justify charges against her of ”filial ingratitude. ...more

The Time is Right for a Saudi Women's Ministry

The talk of establishing a Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Saudi Arabia raises exciting possibilities for Saudi women, particularly businesswomen who need unfettered access to the international business community. Yet the proposal could lead to further marginalization of Saudi women.The idea of a governmental women’s department may sound quaint in the 21st century, but in Saudi Arabia where every progressive step comes in the smallest increments, it makes sense....more

Why I Hate the Burqa

I have grown to hate the burqa. I hate the burqa because it serves no logical purpose in Western society. The intent of the clothing is to draw attention away from the woman, but in the West it only attracts unwanted attention. Recently a Glasgow man was sentenced to prison for attacking a burqa-clad Saudi woman on the street. He ripped away her niqab. The woman was a graduate student. She has since quit her studies and refuses to leave her apartment. To her the attack was an act of rape. ...more
It is such a terribly sad state of affairs that here, in America, we are considering laws to ban ...more

Are Catholicism and Islam Both "Worlds Without (Strong) Women"?

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd says the struggles women face in places like Saudi Arabia mirror the inadequacies of the Roman Catholic church she describes as, "an inbred and wealthy men’s club cloistered behind walls and disdaining modernity,” that has, “remained part of an autocratic society that repressed women and ignored their progress in the secular world.” ...more

The shame of an honor killing in the making

If you listen carefully these days, you can hear an honor killing being plotted in Saudi Arabia. This honor killing isn’t being planned by a father, a brother or a member of the extended family, but by the people of Saudi Arabia. By Saudi Arabia herself. ...more