In Search of Sausage (and Salami)


#Tuesday night : #Pizza with "friarielli" and sausage

Tuesday night, easy and quick dinner fix? The answer is pretty easy, Pizza!We love Pizza, and we enjoy quite often, and we love experimenting new toppings and recipes and usually use ingredients that taste really good when eaten by themselves, so why not use them as pizza toppings and take them to the next level? Here you go, a delicious pizza full of bold flavors : Pizza with Friarielli and Sausage....more

#Sausage, potato rosti, and cheese & leeks mini pies

Tonight's meal was a really rustic yet a really delicious combination of ingreadiends, baked all together without adding that much seasoning as the various ingredients were busting with flavors already! ...more

Mama's Making Sausage Crescents

Mama Holli from Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner!This recipe has gone viral on Pinterest and Mama knows why!It is AMAZING and so EASY! I mean CRAZY EASY and CRAZY GOOD!...more

Sausage, Cabbage, and Bean Skillet Meal

Tonight has been such a productive night, and it's such a relief for me to have it all done. Upstairs has been a bit (more like a lot a bit) of a train wreck. It's been my craft room, construction room, and storage room all at once. It's been making this blog kind of sink to the back of my mind a bit because that room was originally my blogging room. (Opps!)...more

The English Did It Again With ‘Toad In A Hole’

What an adventurous (for lack of a better word) name. It takes one with a truckload full of imagination to make an intellectual guess at what this dish looks, tastes, or even smells like. In fact, it looks, tastes and smells world apart from how it’s been (unfairly) described. Most fortunately....more

Rigatoni with Broccoli and Sausage

You know how sometimes you want to eat something for dinner that is relatively light, tasty, and does not take hours to make ?  This rigatoni with broccoli and sausage is the perfect blend of all of those things using one pot and chances are you probably have most if not all of the ingredients to make this simple dish....more

Toad in the Hole

Every time I read the name of this I laugh. It's such a weird name, and frankly doesn't sound very appetizing - but woah!...more

Sausage Gravy

Your biscuit's best friend ~ Sausage Gravy!...more

Bisquick Sausage Balls

Bisquick Sausage Balls are one of those recipes that invoke nostalgic memories. They make a great party appetizer, holiday breakfast or kids snack. Of course they can be made from scratch, too. But using store-bought or homemade Bisquick mix certainly makes preparing them easy and quick. The addition of sharp cheese, like Cheddar or Parmesan, and a pinch of hot cayenne pepper makes them even more flavorful. I still haven’t tried it yet, but when researching the net I found that they can freeze well. When cooking from frozen, allow them several more minutes of cooking time....more