Easy Breakfast Sausage & Pepper Frittata

Sausage & Pepper Frittata...more

Der Berliner Currywurst Möchte Ich Noch Gerne!

Currywurst is what you must try to grab a bite of when you are in Germany, especially Berlin. I had my first authentic taste of Currywurst in Berlin all by myself. The weather, I remember, was cold, and the sausages turned cold within a minute. Nevertheless, the lingering curry taste was memorable and the spiced ketchup helped to warm up my lonely heart....more

Loved the Discontinued Starbucks Sausage Croissant? This Recipe's for You

I always loved the now-discontinued Starbucks sausage roll — I don't know why, but pastry with sausage meat is so delicious. And I can't believe it is THIS easy to make them at home! (Also, my sausage rolls are much better!)...more

Most Tender Meatballs EVER!

I have been craving meatballs all week.  I don’t know why.  Maybe someone on Chopped made meatballs on Tuesday. I can’t remember.  I just know that it was my weekend to cook so it we were going to have meatballs and spaghetti....more

Sour Fish Sausage With An Acquired Taste

I went to the Golden Mile Complex on Wednesday, for the first time in my life. There was a HUGE Thai supermarket, and therein lies a HUGE selection of chilli pastes and spices. In fact, there are more pastes that I am oblivious to than there are that I am not....more