In-Depth Guide To Saving Money At Walmart – Guest Post

This guide is from the dealspotr website.It tells you exactly how to save more!  ...more

Best Websites for Digital Coupons

The internet is a treasure trove when it comes to saving money, but if you don't know where to look it can feel more like a treasure hunt. Here are a few of the best websites to save money on just about everything!...more

Wait .... Don't Buy That Now!

Are you trying to save money ... or maybe you'd like to stop impulse buying?  A really great money-saving rule is to create a 30-day list. Creating a list is easy to do on your smartphone in the 'notes' section and works great since most of us always have our smartphones with us....more

Target Cartwheel for the win!

I like to coupon, no I am not the crazy coupon lady (have you seen those shows?!) but I must say that I am very proud of myself.Why?Because I save over $31!I used...more

Save Money on Gasoline

  According to the department of energy, every time we drive over 60 mph you lose 25 cents per gallons of gas on every 5 miles you travel. So today my friends I'm going to try and make it a little easier to save gas just follow my advice and let’s see how much you can save....more

Remove calluses naturally

Callused feet?  This all natural, cheap remedy works!All you need is Apple cider vinegar, band aids, and cotton balls.Soak cotton ball in the vinegar, place on callus and secure with bandaid, leave it on for 1-2 hours and the callus will be soft enough to scrape off.  Repeat until desired result is achieved.   Bona fide Solutions...more

Save More Pay Less… Where to find Freebies and Coupons Day 2

Save More Pay Less… Where to find Freebies and Coupons At your local coffee shop or restaurants where you can find local weeklies that often contain coupon inserts. These weeklies are most often free or very inexpensive. They are usually at the register or at the entrance. Watch for supermarket mistakes. When checking out always stand next to the register so that you can check your price list to that of the register. Catching the mistakes of a scanner some stores carry a scan-right policy that states that if your item is incorrectly scanned you receive your item free.   ...more

Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 3

Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 3If you’re trying to create more healthy eating habits paying with cash will help. More often we hear that when we pay with credit we tend to spend it on unhealthy choices.Apparently we as a society become more impulsive and make unhealthy choices when we use a card rather than cash. Basically when you pay with cash you pay more attention to what you’re purchasing so you may go for that smoothie mix rather than that gallon of ice cream if you use cash.  ...more

Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE! Day 9

Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE! Day 9 Day 9: Credit Report Yes you can receive your credit report for free, but only from the following site and only once a year. This site will provide you a free copy every year from the three credit reporting companies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion....more

How-To Series – Score Low Cost & Free Items with Sales and Coupons

Original post from The Lifeboat - www.thelifeboat.infoIn my How-To Buy Healthy Food for Less series I will be blogging about how  I save money and bring healthier food into my home.  Last week I shared a outline of the gameplan I use, and today I begin to share the process of shopping and saving....more