Energy Saving Ideas for your home

Easy Energy Saving Ideas for Your Home!Are you already dreading those winter utility bills?...more

Fridgeezoo Refrigerator Pet Saves Money

The Fridgeezoo Refrigerator Pet may be the first pet to ever save its owner money.  How you might ask?  Well, stick it in the fridge to find out.  Find out more about this fun gadget at The High-Tech Home! ...more

Save Money Heating Your Home

Winter weather seems to bring out the nesting instinct in me. We’re content to build a fire at night and stay home and watch the furling wind and sometimes snow outside the window. One of the best improvements we’ve made to just about every house we’ve lived in is replacing the old round dial room thermometer with a setback or programmable unit....more

No Cost Ways to Lower Heating Costs ...more

How To Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill

The weather is heating up in our part of the country. We have had several days in the 90’s this past week. However the weatherman is calling for some cooler weather latter this week. For many people air conditioning season is upon us. Air Conditioning is perhaps the biggest budget buster in the summertime.  It is not uncommon for electric bills to more than double in the summertime. So how to you keep from having sticker shock when you open the electric bill? ...more

I would add to that a simple and fundamental tip: clean the filters, regularly, replace if they ...more

Ten Low Cost, High Impact Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Low Cost: 1) Go outside. Take a walk, sit on your porch, have lunch in the park, eat a picnic dinner with family or friends. Looking outside doesn't count. Get out there and just...relax. ...more

I really need to wander around and see where we can use more power strips. I'm adding that to my ...more

Need Help Getting Inspired for 2011? Learn From These Great Green Rolemodels.

What environmental lifestyle shifts are you planning for 2011? If you still haven't been able to make up your mind, take a minute to read about the folks below....more

Home Depot Offers Free Classes

Over the weekend my friend and I attended a free class at Home Depot.  It was called Save Energy/Save Money.  There were only two of us who attended but the speaker/employee was great.  He was very well informed and answered alot of our questions.  He talked about how you can do things around the house to conserve energy and money.  He talked about insulation, windows, hot water heaters, light bulbs, appliances, air conditioners, and dimmer switches.  He showed us products and explained how to do things.  My friend and I are both unemployed women and ...more

A big question on Heating, just a solar panel and a fridge

"The solar thermodynamic apply in situations where you require hot water at 60 º C, such as central heating, homes with radiant floor heating, production of hot water, heating swimming pools and so on. " ...more

This is music to my ears.This is really a great post! Thanks for sharing. A blog really owes its ...more