How To Save Money By Using Gift Cards

One of my New Years resolutions for 2017 is to put away more money into my retirement fund and savings account where I'm trying to accumulate enough funds to sustain 6 months of living expenses. Like most people I've been using coupons and cash rewards credit cards to save a few bucks. I've only recently started to use gift cards to save money and the savings have been quite substantial. Here are a few tips to help you save money buy using gift cards and meet your financial goals this year.  Get More For Less ...more

5 Painless Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

The holiday season is upon us, and like always we’re going to go berserk shopping for everything from new clothes to toys to entertainment systems. While some like to buy things for their loved ones, some would go on a shopping spree filling their own closets. But it doesn’t matter why you decide to shop, you know you want to save money, since it’s a scarce resource....more

Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Family's Expenses

It’s amazing how a lot of people still find saving money on family expenses difficult. With the economy being in its current state, being able to save here and there is a huge plus. There is no saving too small; small savings here and there can (and will) often translate to big savings at the end of the month.If you’re interested in saving some money on your family’s expenses, then this article is definitely for you. In this article, we are going to take a look at some practical tips that will help you start saving in no time. Let’s jump right in, shall we?...more

Financial Tips for New Moms

What’s more exciting than becoming a mother; there aren’t many other circumstances that can compare. Preparing for the arrival of your little one is almost as exciting! It’s true when they say you’ll never be 100% ready, but we all try really hard to have everything perfect when we bring our baby home. Getting the nursery set up, picking out the cute elephant bedding, loading up on diapers (we all know we will go through tons of those) and going through all of our goodies we received at our baby shower. We are as ready as we can be!...more

4 Ways to Save Money

Some years ago, I was in a financial mess.My business website was hacked, I had a mortgage loan to deal with, utility bills to pay, mouths to feed and dependents to take care of. My emergency fund was getting depleted fast. I knew I needed to put on my thinking cap or I could get drowned.I took many decisions to save the situation and one of them was to cut my expenses. None of the ways I cut my expenses was groundbreaking enough to be decisive but combined, they helped me save a whopping 4 figure every month....more

15 Things I Don't Pay for Anymore

DH and I recently took a hard look at the things we thought we could live without, make ourselves or cut back on. ...more
Scrapbookity That's a great tip for the library program. If the Columbus library doesn't reach ...more

The Weekly Budget.

These days alot of adults are looking for ways to save money. The thing is, they don't really do much about it. I've come up with a plan I do weekly that keeps me on track and watches how much I spend. First I figure out when all my bills and rent are due, when I go shopping (weekly), gas, etc. Each week, I write down what money has to go out. Let's start with the week after rent is paid, we will say the latest day of the 5th. ...more

Useful Tips for Parents Saving for College

The cost of earning a college education is on the rise. Besides tuition, students also have to pay for housing, food, textbooks, and entertainment. Check out this article for a few tips on how to start saving early for your kid’s college expenses....more

How I saved 66% on my electric bill during the summer

Let’s start off with some transparency. As much as I consider myself environmentally aware, I am by no way perfect. No where near. However, I also understand it’s all about, as my friend Betsy likes to say, Progress not Perfection. As I look over my life in the last five years and the simple changes I've made, it’s truly amazing how much my lifestyle has changed. I have learned so much because of Southeast Green’s mission....more