Useful Tips for Parents Saving for College

The cost of earning a college education is on the rise. Besides tuition, students also have to pay for housing, food, textbooks, and entertainment. Check out this article for a few tips on how to start saving early for your kid’s college expenses....more

How I saved 66% on my electric bill during the summer

Let’s start off with some transparency. As much as I consider myself environmentally aware, I am by no way perfect. No where near. However, I also understand it’s all about, as my friend Betsy likes to say, Progress not Perfection. As I look over my life in the last five years and the simple changes I've made, it’s truly amazing how much my lifestyle has changed. I have learned so much because of Southeast Green’s mission....more

Navigating the Grocery Store: 6 Tips to Save Money During Your Next Shopping Trip

Grocery store owners have one objective: To get you to buy more. Millions of dollars are spent studying consumer behavior and what compels people to buy at the grocery store. The grocery industry has the average shopper’s behavior down to a science. When all is said and done, it seems as though the cards are stacked against budget grocery shoppers.Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your grocery budget in check, despite strong efforts to get you to buy more. Knowing how to navigate the grocery store for deals is the first step in saving significant money over time....more

Frugal Recipes That Save You Money? Possible?

I found a ton of good recipes in Google. The problem is that while these are usually really tasty recipes, they are loaded with carbs and bad-for-you fatty stuff like cream and Crisco.Yech...So I decided I'm going to share some of my own recipes here, and these are truly frugal recipes that are good for your body and that save you money! ...more

The 4 Reasons Winter Temperatures Lower Your Gas Mileage

Many people visit their dealership or auto shop in the winter complaining that their gas mileage has decreased. They are usually concerned that there may be an issue with their car. Most of the time, it’s simply the colder weather and time of year. Here are four reasons your gas mileage may decrease in winter:...more

6 Ways to Avoid Stupid Tax

Stupid Tax: a fine for a dumb mistake or failure to act.  We all make mistakes, but these are some of the most common avoidable mistakes that people make with their cars. Hopefully, it will help you avoid them in the future....more

Three Ways Your Business Can Cool Off And Save Money This Summer

When the weather reaches the 90s mark, it can be tempting to just skip out on the rest of the work week and head to the nearest water park. Though as cool as those tantalizing waters may be, and as refreshing as a pool-side iced lemonade sounds, there are ways to keep cool and enjoy the summer from the office, and without breaking the bank. Pick a temperature and stick to it. ...more

When is the Best Time for Dealership Services?

Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant during a heavy rush and been disappointed when your service was not as good as it normally is?  You probably looked around and said, “Well, it’s really busy, so I can see why.” The same thing is true when you to take your car in for dealership services. High demand business hours can sometimes affect the quality of your service. Like restaurants, dealerships have busy times when their employees may be overwhelmed and not able to give your car the attention it requires....more

Simple Ways You Can Save Money Around The House This Winter

4 tricks to help you conserve money and go a little green at the same timeIt’s already started snowing in Michigan, and that means we are hunkering down for a harsh winter ahead....more

The Best Homemade Beauty Products for Less

After doing my post on green cleaning, I started thinking about how much money I was saving by not buying commercial cleaning products and how much safer I felt my family was without being exposed to all those chemicals. I started thinking of other ways to cut chemicals and unnatural products out of our lives and decided a great place to start would be some beauty items....more
One benefit I'm interested in that you did not mention is that you are storing your home made ...more