How to Save Money on Dryer Sheets

That is a very nifty idea! I am going to have to get my scissors out and get to work :)more

Ideas for Thrifty Living

Sharon Munroe...more

We Save Money…By Shopping At Expensive Grocery Stores

I am a fan of upscale grocery stores. They have wide aisles and beautiful displays. They tend to offer in-store amenities and samples. They usually offer superior customer service. AND—they save us money....more
I agree with the way you approach your style of eating and how you teach your kids this as well. ...more


Post 9-11 when I came to the immediate realization that I couldn't always protect my kids, I decided to hold true to a promise I made to God.  Being an self-admitted work-aholic, after the birth of my first child I made a promise to God that if anything "world changing" were to happen, I'd quit my job and be a stay at home mom.  While I did not personally lose anyone or even know anyone in the 9-11 devastation, the impact 9-11 had on me was very emotional and while I recognized that this was a "world changing" event, I tried to ignore my promise to God.  (Not Rec...more
The first step to frugal living is: MAKE A BUDGET and follow it ! Keep track of everything you ...more

This Earth Day, Save the Planet - and Save $4,000/yr, Too

Living a greener life is one of the fastest, easiest ways to save money. In fact, you can save almost $4,000 every year by taking easy steps to use less energy, reduce waste, and simplify your lifestyle. In honor of Earth Day, I've compiled this list of cost-cutting strategies that benefit your pocketbook as well as the planet....more

The Lifeboat

Happy to be a member of BlogHer community.  For those out of work, need assistance, unemployed, want to save money on groceries check  Good information to help you sail thru the ...more

(INTERVIEW) Erin Bried, Author of "How to Build a Fire"

For scrappy upcyclers and would-be renaissance women alike, Erin Bried's DIY book, How to Sew a Button and Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew, serves as a savvy guide to financially savvy, self-sufficient, and sustainable living. But why would a girl stop at just learning just what her grandma knows when she can pick up her grandpa's hard-learned lessons too? Thus, How to Sew a Button got a sequel of sorts: How to Build a Fire and Other Handy Things your Grandfather Knew, a more boyish set of DIY tips for the well-rounded modern man -- or woman! ...more

3 Creative Challenges to Waste Less Food and Save Money

If you're like most Americans, you send an impressive amount of your hard-earned cash down the garbage disposal -- in the form of food waste. Okay, some of you don't have garbage disposals, and some of you compost all food scraps (good for you!), but you get my point: Many of us waste a lot of food. In America, we throw away nearly half our food, as food waste expert Jonathan Bloom's documented in his fascinating book, American Wasteland. ...more

On a business trip to Britain I kept catching this ridiculous infomercial style food saving ...more

Home Depot Offers Free Classes

Over the weekend my friend and I attended a free class at Home Depot.  It was called Save Energy/Save Money.  There were only two of us who attended but the speaker/employee was great.  He was very well informed and answered alot of our questions.  He talked about how you can do things around the house to conserve energy and money.  He talked about insulation, windows, hot water heaters, light bulbs, appliances, air conditioners, and dimmer switches.  He showed us products and explained how to do things.  My friend and I are both unemployed women and ...more

Kids Eat Free Restaurants

I always compile a list so if we go out to eat, I know where the kids eat free that day!