Coupons, Coupons, Coupons - Money Saving Car Care Coupons!

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Will 5 Simple Changes Save You $20,000?

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New Ways To Be Greener

I just received my latest issue of Woman's Day, and while flipping through it, I found a ton of useful suggestions on how to save money, be frugal, and eco friendly at the same time! <!--break--> Here are a few of them: Donate your egg cartons to your local school's art classes.  They can be used for crafts and for mixing paints in! Use mason jars as vases Recycle magazines between friends Use dry cleaning bags as garbage bags, just tie a knot in one end Cut a stained tablecloth into napkins ...more

Get your money's worth!

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12 Recession Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides: From Wedding Venues to the Guest List, Ways to Cut Wedding Cost

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Real Ways to Save in the New Year–Part 3

Is clipping coupons worth the hassle? The short answer is that depends. If you know how to use your coupons for maximum savings then yes it’s well worth it. If not, then no it’s just a hassle. ...more

Save Hundreds of Dollars Every Month: Smart Ways to Save Money NOW

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Saving hundreds per month can be done if you have discipline!  And we know that isn't ...more

How a Drive in Your Car Can Save Money on Gas

Interested in saving some gas money?  Well, maybe it's not quite so urgent now that gas prices have dropped (Christmas isn't the only reason to cry Alleluia!)  Nonetheless, with a recession in full swing and green consciousness burgeoning among North Americans, cutting back on gas consumption is a frugal, if not noble, act.  And, buying a hybrid automobile is a luxury that most of us cannot afford given the financial and practical constraints of the typical family.  I know my minivan is an oversized gas-guzzler, but with three mini-hockey players, the only way we'll be driving ...more

How I Do It? Clipping and Sorting coupons

Hello, Hello! Okay so I know I have shown you how I do it at the grocery store but it takes a litte, ok quite a bit of preplanning before I hit the stores.  So I figured I need to step back and let you know what I do at home. First let me say I don't buy coupons and I don't print coupons.  I am quite sure these two things can be quite fruitful but I just haven't gotten into it just yet. ...more

I saved money at Walmart! Yes I am shocked lol.

Hello, Hello. Okay so a part of my shopping day today included a trip to Walmart.  I only had intentions on going in to buy my normal stuff, Great Value veggies, Silk for the Pie and Apple Juice because Walmart has the best prices.  ...more