Carpool and Rideshares: My New Social Circle

Today for the second time in my life I picked up two strangers and drove them across the San Francisco Bay Bridge. We met under a freeway overpass in Oakland, and, as the two guys got in my car I hoped they had no motive other than getting to work. My motive was to save $4 and whiz through the carpool lane across the bridge. By the time we arrived in San Francisco, we all had developed a huge coffee jones after I spent the last 15 minutes heralding the virtues of Blue Bottle Coffee. First I dropped one guy off. Then I parked and bid adieu to the other. ...more

Worried about the economy? Go Green.

With all the belt-tightening going on, most people seem ready to give up whatever eco-friendly actions they've adopted in order to economize. In his new book, Go Green, Live Rich, best-selling author David Bach makes a convincing case that saving energy and resources will not just save you money, but make you money, too. He offers four steps for greener living that could save you $10 a day every day of the year. They are: ...more

CFL Assumptions

I recently confessed that we only had two CFL bulbs in the house. Actually, we only have five lamps, so I thought we were 40 percent eco-friendly. I honestly didn't think past the lamps. But after a quick Google search to find a long-lasting candelabra bulb, I found a whole world of CFLs that will work in all of our lights!! Here are some things I learned about CFLs. <!--break--> ...more

Beauty School Drop In

I’m not a prissy, primpy girl.  It’s never been my thing to be dressed to the nines, perfectly coifed and spit-polished.  I’m mostly the wash-and-go type. I do, on occasion, like to get a mani-pedi, and three or four times a year I get my hair cut and styled.  If I’m feeling crazy I will even get my eyebrows waxed. ...more

Save Money and Energy with Balls!

Blue balls are usually not a positive thing, if you are male anyway! In this case, it's all good. If you must use a clothes dryer, which is hard not to, consider spending $10 on a 2 pack of these dryer balls. You use them in place of those expensive dryer sheets that have that artificial perfume scent on them. Ick. They work to fluff and soften your laundry, as well as help the heat of the dryer circulate more efficiently, which reduces drying time. Naturally. No chemicals here. The balls last for about 2 years and really work. ...more

I have two sets of dryer balls - bought them from a catalog and they were less than $10.  ...more

Mrs. Micah's week review--good things happening!

50th post, woot! First good thing in the financial sphere: Something I think I'd forgotten to mention was that I promised myself to get $1000 of our cash cushion into a CD by my birthday. Well, my birthday was Thursday and I got it into an ING CD on Tuesday! Now it's earning 5.25% APY. It's a 12 month CD, so when we pull it out we'll have another $52.50. That's not much, but if we don't need it, we'll reinvest it in a CD and so forth. We'll probably take the earnings and add it to our mutual fund portfolio or somesuch. ...more

Yay! Thanks, Denise.more

I Want To Stay At HOME!

I WANT TO STAY AT HOME! For many women staying at home is a priority for various reasons. No matter your reason for wanting or needing to stay at home there are plenty of things to do that can help fill the gaps! Here are some web resources to get you started whether you want to stretch a dollar or make a dollar! more: ...more