Cloud of Debt

Like many others, one of the biggest challenges I face is credit card debt.  It began before I was married, when I was young & reckless with money.  I used credit cards as a way to pay for things I thought were needs: a new computer, a washer & dryer, clothes.  I spent years getting out of debt only to find myself back in it once more. This time, it was not out of reckless spending, but because my husband and I made the decision for me to stay home after the birth of my first child.  ...more

Why Changing One Thing In Your Life Can Change Your Whole Life...

I read on Twitter one day that a man made one change in his diet(gave up sugar) and lost 40lbs.  His point was that you didn't need a complete diet change, one change could do it all. I am beginning to think my "cooking to save" is my one thing that changes everything. ...more

Diary of a late twenty-something

This is my first blog, and the first post of the blog. So far I have created a username BitchNBlog which pretty much sums up the purpose of my creating a blog. For some time I have wanted to create a blog in order to use as a diary so that I can stop bitching to my sister and friends about my relationship. This blog will emotional, dramatic, heartfelt, and I'm sure at times confusing. I guess I should lay some ground work for what you are about to read. I am a female in my late twenties living in Florida. ...more

Financial Hints for the Holidays

During the next month it will be hard to keep a budget with parties, gift buying, and home entertaining. But really try to set a spending amount in each of these categories. If you know your behavior and you're prone to impulse or last-minute buying, put the dollar amounts you've chosen for each of the three holiday spending categories, in cash, into three separate envelopes(label each envelope). When you go out or go shopping, take the amount you want to spend from the appropriate envelope....more

Einstein, Mascara and Chicken Wings

 The truth of the matter is we’ve been inside writing for far too long and are looking kind of pasty.   So we got a little over excited when we popped into Sephora for a little afternoon pick-me-up. Since we’re only human, we waaaaaay overbought. You know how that cosmetics candy rush feels—so many products, so many colors, so many forms to play with: brush on, roll on, schmear-on, hard, soft, foaming…...more

Thanks, Roz. So nice to get a personal reply. I'll skip the eyeliner-- am really clumsy with ...more

Financially Covering Your Ass(ets)

Seeing as my only dependents are my cats and I have yet to meet my soul mate, the last thing I have time to think about is pumping up my financial portfolio. Or putting one together for that matter. After all, there's plenty of time to think about investing in a retirement fund when I partner up with Mr. Right and we start our life together. ...more

HollisC   Very good post. Women need to take control of their finances because no ...more

The Upside of Anger - 8 Recession Trends to Which You Can Look Forward

The Dow may be down, the election depressing and yes pretty much everyone, not just Americans, is feeling kind of angry. But as more of us start searching for security, stability and savings there may actually be an upside to all this anger. As behaviors start to adapt during these tough times, here are eight trends we predict that may help change the way you see things:  ...more

How to save a few (hundred) bucks when you are moving

I recently moved, and was pleasantly surprised that there are savings to be had. From Comcast to furniture companies, I was courted like a VIP with coupons and extra savings. Below are a few easy tricks and tips on getting the best deals on your purchases when you move: ...more

Romance, Meet Finance

Money. It's there from the moment that first check hits the table on your first date. Fitting, because you're likely at dinner, or at least drinks, and to my mind food and money are two of the most fundamental issues of life. You've got to eat sometime and somebody's gotta pay for it. That first dinner check, though, is the easy part. It only gets harder from there. ...more

My husband and I almost had our marriage annulled driving back from Las Vegas (where we'd ...more

My open letter to Oprah

Oprah babysat me for ten years. I came home from school, grabbed a diet coke and a chocolate fudge pop tart (ooooh, the irony!), and sat down to watch Oprah. Every stinkin day. I was a latchkey kid, but I had my Oprah. Have watched her for decades now, read her book picks, listened to her epiphanies, taken her Dr. Oz's medical advice, decorated according to Nate's rules. I have listened, Oprah, my friend. However, I am a bit upset, so bear with me, friend.  ...more