Do You Know the 70-20-10 Rule of Family Budgeting?

Whether your bottom line has been hurt by the economy or not, chances are your financial future has been on your mind. Many people have made it a priority to get their personal finances back on track. Today’s post about creating a family budget is the first in a series of several posts about making 2010 a great financial year for your family. Experts recommend using the 70-20-10 rule to have a successful roadmap for spending. Here’s how they break down your monthly paycheck: ...more

That is a great question. I'm assuming any donations you choose to make to a church or other ...more

Checkout Line Battle

This is not meant to discourage any couponers out there. I have had my fair share of pleasant cashiers. Many cashiers ask me where I got my coupons or how I made a certain transaction work. However, you definitely need to be prepared for battle when you are using more coupons than you have items in your cart.As I stood in line at the checkout today, I saw the distrust in the clerk's eyes. I knew it was coming....more

Say No to Fake Plastic Wishbones & Other Thanksgiving Waste

Fake plastic wishbones? Around Thanksgiving time last year, I read a post by blogger Rejin from Urban Botany blasting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for promoting plastic Lucky Break Wishbones. She wrote: Hasn't PETA ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? They claim these wishbones and their packages are recyclable, but let's face it: 99.99% of them are going to end up in a landfill, or in the ocean, where they will probably be swallowed by sea turtles [And I would add baby albatross chicks] who will choke and die.... Animals, PETA, animals! Do you hear me? Apparently PETA did not because the organization promoted the wishbones again this year. Products like these are what blogger Linda Anderson from Citizen Green would call "stupid plastic crap." ...more

My husband son and haven't eaten meat in a while but we decided to buy free range turkeys for ...more

Diaper Review. Don't Put Your Money Down the Toilet, Trust Me You Will Need it For Preschool!

Diaper Review:I am comparing these from prices the amazon website which usually has the cheapest diapers and they have free shipping. The store brands are being priced from each stores website. I am using size 3 to make an accurate comparison but if you do the math on smaller sizes they will be cheaper (because they give you more for the same price) and visa verse for bigger sizes....more

The Second Thing I Miss Now That My Baby Is A Toddler

There are some things you find that you miss when your little one is no longer a baby. When they are little and learning new things like learning to roll over, sit up on their own, crawling and eventually walking, you encourage them to learn more and more and it’s exciting. You want them to progress in ways that makes them more mobile and independent. But in doing so you are losing things you never thought you would miss. ...more

Ditch the Clutter: Why Buy When You Can Borrow?

A while back I found myself on the receiving end of a bunch of whole spices -- nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, etc. -- and no way to grind them.  Having made the commitment to reduce my consumption by buying fewer new things (epecially those made from plastic), I quickly jumped on Freecycle and Craigslist to see if I could find a spice grinder used.  Fortunately, there were none available that day because it suddenly hit me.  I'm no cook.  I'll probably use this thing once or twice in my life.  Why would I buy myself a spice grinder to be used a couple of times and then clutter up my kitchen for years afterward? Why not just borrow one from a friend? ...more

I think the less stuff we can bring into our homes, the less clutter we'll have overall.  I'm ...more

Right on the Money!

A few weeks ago, my cousin-in-law, Alyssa, asked me to guest post on her blog "Keeping the Kingdom First".The topic was Biblical financial principles. This is the post I shared with her readers, which includes some of you. I would like to share it with the rest of my readers today. ...more

Think You Need a Car to Move Cross Country or Transport Kids?

These bloggers beg to differ.  Welcome to the Car-Free Carnival, a collection of posts by women living without cars.  Whether to save money, lose weight, or protect the environment, there are many reasons to reduce our time spent behind the wheel.  Some of these bloggers are experts at living car-free.  Others are trying it out for a limited time.  Don't feel intimidated by those who go to extremes.  They are examples for us all of what could be possible with some imagination and determination.   ...more

Our decision to go car-free wasn't our own. Long story short, the economy got us. When we ...more

Decorative Swapping

The other day I was watching Oprah and she had the adorable Nate Berkus and the clutter cutter Peter Walsh on.  They were showing neighbors swapping furniture in order to recreate new looks in their homes.  The point behind the show was to open our eyes to how, in hard times with limited budgets, we can be creative in our design to get the best out of our space.  Now of course having a fabulous designer makes a huge difference when you are decoratively challenged (I think I just created a new word), but the point was easy to get.  The “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure ...more

Why Hiring a Professional Organizer is a Necessity Rather Than a Luxury

   Last week I attended the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers!  If you can imagine a conference that is run more smoothly and organized, let me know!!!  We had a blast in Orlando discovering new products, new services, new books, new ideas (yes, I am rambling) and rekindling friendships from all over the world.  Who knew there is a need for organizing in areas like Bermuda, Japan, New Zealand and France?  It just goes to show how everyone is looking for a little more order in their lives, no matter where they live. ...more