There's No Shame In My Game For Shopping Forever 21 at 33

I see bright lights, loud music, young ladies and bright funky clothes. I'm not at a night club or even a strip club for that matter, but I'm at Forever 21. It was once a Mecca, a staple store for fun attire in my early 20’s. I would travel 25 minutes to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL to wonder around this retail amusement park for hours. It was here where I found my hot Saturday night out top, a sexy little dress for clubbing or a designer rip off bag for whenever. I’d walk away with a full bag of clothes and I would only spend a night’s worth of tips....more
Enjoy! At 34, you can still wear anything you want from wherever! I find at 51, I'm starting to ...more

The Basics of Coupons Part I

My oldest daughter just got married a few months ago and she and her husband are trying to keep their monthly expenses under control and figure out ways to save money while he finishes school.  I’m so proud of them and their desire to stay out of debt as much as possible and to try to keep it all under control.  This can be hard to do when you are young and excited about life and all that is ahead of you but it is so important to try and keep everything in perspective when you are first starting out.  They are setting a great foundation for the rest of their lives together. Way to go, Richie and Jennifer!...more

Where to save & where to spend: navigating your purchases for the newest member of your family

   You’ve heard me talk a lot about pricey baby gear so I thought it was time for a post on wa...more