10 Reasons Why We Shop at Kroger

On our journey to save money and cut costs, we have figured a few things out.  One of those is shopping at Kroger-brand stores.  There are many reasons we prefer shopping at Kroger versus other grocery stores or superstores like Target or Wal-mart.  While we honestly haven't done a ton of side-by-side price comparison on different products, we still firmly believe we save more overall shopping here at Kroger. ...more

Is the New Cell Phone Bill Regulation Good for Your Purse?

A New York Times article states that the FCC plans to propose rules requiring mobile phone companies to alert customers by voice or text message when they are have reached monthly usage limits and are about to incur extra charges. The problem is that so many mobile phone user are getting “bill shock” each month because they have gone over their limit in voice and data ...more

Most teens use data for social networking but there is a company called Shorthand that has ...more

Saving Money in the Recession

www.saving-money-group.com A website dedicated to helping you survive the recession. Full of tips and ideas to help you save money, make your money go further and avoid waste. Find out how to reduce your food bills and feed your family in a healthy and economic way.  Reduce your homes running costs by learning how to repair rather than replace items plus how to help those appliances last longer. ...more