You Should Start Saving for Retirement YESTERDAY

Close your eyes and envision yourself after you retire.   Ignore the havoc gravity has played wrinkles and take a look around you.  Where are you?...more

Do You Get Paid to Blog? Here's How to Save for Your Retirement

Working for yourself brings a lot of excitement and opportunities. When work is fun, retirement might be the furthest thing from the minds of self-employed workers. But freelancers and small-business entrepreneurs shouldn't neglect saving for retirement, indeed, they must overcome certain financial obstacles to make sure they will be adequately protected for their golden years. ...more

For freelancers making money on the side apart from their full time jobs, this is a great idea. ...more

Why I'm Boycotting the "She-conomy"

OK, I am a pessimist by nature. While many of the facts that MP Dunleavy cites in her column Women in Red ("Why women will run the economy") were interesting, I found it hard to whip out my pom poms and cheer for the news. Part of that is because the title is a misnomer (the article is about how to prepare for retirement, which is excellent information to share) and part of it is because there are so many downsides to her points. ...more

Thank you for sharing. I actually thought the same thing myself, as I currently have two MAs ...more

Start a 401K. Stand Up For Your Retirement

Does the title of this post sound a tad dramatic? So be it. Retirement savings is serious business, and the 401K is a hardy soldier in the fight against the proverbial cat food in retirement. I started my new full-time position a few weeks ago. With every new job comes new people, new responsibilities, new procedures, and of course, new retirement plans. One of the most important decisions you will make at a full-time job, financially-speaking, is whether to contribute to your employer-sponsored retirement plan, the 401K (or 403B for non-profit organizations). ...more
I actually started a 401k, i know ill be greatful i did.more

Retirement Accounts for the Self Employed (Part 1 of 5) - The SEP IRA

It seems like October is Independent's Month at Dollars & Sense Education! I just helped a client who is a Realtor (1099 employee) rollover a 401k from an old employer into a SEP-IRA with Vanguard. If you are self employed or have a side business you can start ...more