5 Money Saving Tips to Get the Shoes You Want!

I'm not going to lie; I love the finer things in life. When it comes to a night on the town or purchasing those adorable heels I saw at the store, I'm all over it. That is, until reality sets in. Being a post grad 30-something means that I have these awesome little things that come monthly called bills. Since I'm not one to sacrifice on fashion, especially shoes, I realized that I needed to cut back in several areas in my life to be able to buy the shoes I love and still have a place to live. So, here are my money saving tips that will help you get the shoes you love!...more

I'm Saving Money with a No Spend Challenge

Thanks to the inspiration of The Budget Mama I have decided to take an oath to not spend outside of a strict budget for the whole month of March. The way a no spend challenge works is you don't spend any money on anything that is a non-essential. You still pay your bills, still buy groceries, you just go a month without all of the luxuries and extras. ...more
I would join except that this challenge is actually how I must live every month, no choice ...more

Apping My Way To Savings...Or Not?

Take a look at your phone right now and look to see how many "savings" apps you have on your phone.  Do you feel like you are getting great deals?  Do you love or loathe all of the apps out there today to save us a buck?  It seems like there is always something new and great coming out as a way to save money....more
Denise  I definitely think adding stuff to my Cartwheel before I go out is something I need to ...more

7 Ways to Spend Less in 2014

2013 is coming to a close and many of us are finding ourselves looking for ways to reduce spending in the New Year. Aside from some of the typical brown bag your lunches and skip the lattes advice (which is also great by the way), below are some big picture considerations and steps to take to keep more money in your pocket for 2014:...more
Great post...I do home care and my client are low in come and brought up these little facts you ...more

52 Week Challenge with a Twist

So like most bloggers, I have to post the 52 week challenge but with a twist. When I say twist I  mean like adding more money to the challenge of course. Sometimes I like pushing the envelope of my challenges even further. Adding $25  on a monthly basis to your already growing fund will in the end have you coming up with a lump sum of 1378+300=  $1678 at the end of year or $1703 if you add an additional $25 just because of how the year ends.  ...more

Tips On Saving Money

It is the time of year when people are vacationing and enjoying the fruits of their labor.  If you are one of the lucky people who actually make a lot of money, doing what you love, then great for you.  If you are like the majority of people who are just getting by then an exotic trip may not be feasible…but wait, here is where we come in.  We have compiled a quick list of ways to save money so that you can plan a fabulous getaway next year....more

BlogHer Bound! Now What to Pack?

I can't tell you how excited I am to be heading off to BlogHer in Chicago this week! First of all I was born there, so returning to my roots is always a plus, and secondly I'm looking forward to meeting SO many wonderful and talented bloggers!Per usual, my biggest issue with jet-setting is the dilemma of, "What in the world do I pack?" I reached out to BlogHer attendees asking for tips, since I'm a rookie, and I got some great feedback....more

Spend Less Save More: End of the Month Review Where did your money Go?

Today is the end of February with only 28 days this month it sure feels like it’s gone by quickly. Make time to go through your accounts and make a list of expenses and income for the month. Where has your money gone? Did you put money into your savings account?   ...more

Money in 2013 from a non-money person

     Have you noticed the trends in articles surrounding the New Year?  First it was all about setting and trying to keep your New Year's Resolution.  Then it became a bit more focused with the subjects trending on weight and fitness.  Now it seems we are entering a phase where the focus is money,...more

Spend Less Save More: Savings after a Shopping Trip

Now that you’ve saved at the grocery store, your home savings on your purchases begin. When you return home and notice you have a coupon you meant to use you can still use it on the order you’ve already placed. How? Well, each store has different policy, but if you take your receipt along with the coupon back to the store and if the promotion is still running generally for up to a week you may be able to get a price adjustment if you speak with a manager. ...more