Deducting From Summer (Taxes, that is!)

I know that April 16th is a ways away but there’s no time like the present to start thinking about saving on next year’s taxes. And you can do that event while you’re having fun all summer long! Mixing business with pleasure is no faux pas when it comes to keeping some hard earned cash in your piggy bank. So how can you make your business/getaway as well as other summer time expenses tax deductible? Deduct costs to and from your destination, including airfare and ground transportation....more

Tips to Help You Save Money on Spring Road Trips

Gas prices are creeping up again as we head toward spring break. Here are some tips to help you save some money below under four categories — Engine Warm-Up, How to Buy Gasoline, How to Drive Economically, and General Advice — are some effective methods for saving money at the fuel pump — and overall wear and tear on your car.   ...more

Panhandlers Anonymous

I got this email from my 5 month old today (dictated to his dad since he can't type):"Please feel free to make any contributions to my future education. This early stage of my life is critical for saving for my future. Presents are a ton of fun but since I am easily amused by a box I think money would better be spent on my future. That goes for you too dad. Stop buying me clothes that wont fit in a month, help me save for my future. I love you guys. Love Alex! Make a contribution now"...more

The idea of Alex in rags next to an old shoebox really cracks me up. Now I want to take that ...more

Money-saving Green Habits Let You Work Less, Play More

Thanks to the high price of organic arugula at Whole Foods, green living still makes people think of an expensive lifestyle. In reality though, living green -- which mostly means living smartly and efficiency -- usually costs less than trying to keep up with the Joneses. ...more

Yay on the paperless kitchen! I have a paperless kitchen too :) The occasional visitor who ...more

Homecoming: Getting Off Without Getting Out

 What genius coined the word ‘staycation’? We think it sucks. Vacations are a time for relaxing, exploring, renewing! You should be shedding responsibility and giving life’s everyday worries a rest! But: staycation? Uh-uh. This term gives us an icky, static, stuck-in-the house feeling… it’s a command for a bitch (not you sugar, we mean your dog), not an invitation to depart from the everyday....more

Oh, I love love love Taboo! Balderdash is great too. As a writer, I bet you'd love ...more

Small Business Tip: Green Idea Could Win Technology for Your Business

Going green can save more than the environment; it can make represent a big money savings in a small business budget.  Green business efforts can also make a make a big difference for existing customers, potential clients and business partners looking to support sustainable business practices. A small business contest is underway looking for the best tip for going green in small business. Small Business Trends is looking to uncover the “Top 100 Tips for Going Green in Your Business.” ...more

Start Saving Strategies to Secure Your Finances

My first five years in New York, I led a good single life. Working as a technology and business consultant, I earned a nice salary which allowed me to enjoy nice dinners with friends, spend frivolously and not think twice about large purchases.  ...more

I Love My, Credit Union

  My bank is pretty much amazing! They offer some great services and help all the time. Plus they have a bucket of DumDums ready for the taking at the counter. In fact, I’ve been in the car with my friend DD Momma and her kids and whenever we pass by a Forum Credit Union, her kids point and ask if they can all go get candy. It’s kinda cool when your kids WANT to go to the bank with mom. I remember my mom’s bank. They had free cold water. That was pretty cool but Dum Dums are waaaaaay better! ...more

Budgeting for Fun

I've always been something of a cheap hedonist.  If it's going to break the bank, or it's not fun, why do it?  Yet, in this economy, I have been cutting back - on everything, including my fun money.  Instead of buying discounted movie tickets through my work, I downgraded my Netflix to two videos a month and started relying on my library card.  I'm learning to cook and always bring my lunch to work. ...more

Hey Shannon,

Great tips!  Sometimes, a little planning will help us save a long ...more

Can A Financial Plan Help Me Reach My 2019 Financial Goals?

As Northwest Flight 2016 taxied down the runway at Midway Airport, I turned the page of Muriel Barbery's "The Elegance of The Hedgehog" and read this: ...more

Futures happen whether we are ready or not. Someday we'll all get to the point we can't work, ...more