The Souvenir Shop Trap: Saying No to Stuff, Saying Yes to Fun

I was fanning my neck with the Shedd Aquarium map, searching the signs overhead for the entrance to the dolphin show, oblivious to the dangers lurking behind me on row upon row of overstuffed, expertly lit shelves. Only when my daughters started dry humping my legs, their squeals of excitement echoing through the crowd, did I turn toward the source of their frenzy. The museum gift shop. ...more
Love the term "bathroom tourist!" I would hate if my kids were that too!more

How Easily Do You Say "No" to Your Kids?

It’s funny how you never quite know what kind of parent you will be until you are right in the thick of it. I am in the thick of it, and it is no secret what kind of mama I am. I adore my kids, I will fawn over them, I will tell them a thousand times how wonderful they are, but just as many times they will hear from me: “I love you. No.”...more
Oh my what a great read! I'm on a 2-month maternity leave and aside from taking care of the baby ...more